ObamaCare Schaden-Fraud

In his weekly radio address, President Obama preposterously pouted that "it's well past the time for folks to stop rooting for [ObamaCare's] failure," with the obvious implication that conservative Republicans are in fact cheering for the pain of the un-insured.

No, Mr. President, we are not.  We are, however, having a delicious moment of schaden-fraud.  This is the magnificent validation we are experiencing as all elected Democrats and members of the Jurassic media are fast discovering that the man and the plan they have so arrogantly shoved down our throats - and so naively placed their hopes in -- are simultaneously being exposed as shams. 

And sham-wow, is it ever cathartic, as we have been called racists, terrorists, hostage-takers, kooks, haters, and stupid for years -- all because we deigned to be correct about the biggest legislative boondoggle in American history.  Of course, only a few of the Kool-Aid drinkers are admitting this...yet...but we can sense that many of them are panicking on the realization that they might one day have to.

We told you so!  I think the technical term is ROTFLMAO.

Yes, there are some thirty million of us -- give or take -- who have known from 2007 (or earlier) that Barack Obama is a fraud, and known since 2009 that this particular health care plan had absolutely zero chance of working and would destroy our very free-market economy if ever implemented.  Many of us fought HillaryCare some two decades ago for the same reason.  So when Rush Limbaugh said of Obama, "I hope he fails" in January of 2009, the sentiment was understood instantly by many.  For America not to fail, Obama and Obama Care must fail.

Now whether or not Obama understand this is irrelevant, because he is playing to a base of low-information voters and reporters who really do equate Obama and government failing with America failing.  Thus, he has the audacity to say, as his world is becoming a punch line even for the liberals on TV -- and his very law is causing millions to lose coverage -- that it is we who are "so obsessed with denying ... people access to health insurance that [we] just shut down the government and threatened default over it."

Let me translate: conservatives hate me and my law so much -- probably because I am black -- that their hatred is causing the law to fail.  Blame them, not me!

Uh, no...that dog won't hunt, as they say.

We are not causing ObamaCare to fail, because we cannot cause it to fail.  We did not write it.  We did not buy the theory behind it in the first place.  In fact, not one of us voted for it -- not even any of our squishier cohorts.  Nor did we rig a Minnesota Senate election to make it happen.  We never said you can keep your doctor and your health plan if you like them, and we never said this would cause premiums to go down 2,500 dollars per family.

We did not threaten and bribe the few remaining free-market companies involved in health care to foolishly support it.  We did not elect Bart "Stupak is as Stupak does" and other dupes to fall in line at the last minute.  We did not play any role in the Cornhusker Kickback, and we did not prance around with a grotesque gavel when it was passed.  None of us ever said anything as brain-dead as "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it."

Because we know you, and what you stand for, we already knew more or less what was in it.

We did not grossly overpay cronies of yours to put the website together, and we did not forget the simple step of obtaining similar domain names to prevent cyber-squatting and identity theft.  You tech geniuses, you!  We did not hire ACORN and other known criminals as navigators to help get around the failing website, and we did not bring on sixteen thousand new IRS agents with the notion that they would help Americans stay healthier.  And we did not fire a polite operator who simply took a phone call from Sean Hannity.

Nope, this was all you.  And by "you," I mean the president and his economically ignorant cabinet and advisor team, the mainstream media, and the low-information bloggers and message board trolls who are going more silent by the second.

No, you guys did all this.  You perverted first the very meaning of insurance with the pre-existing condition rules, and then really thought you could balance that out by perverting the system on the other end by overcharging the young and healthy.  You are obsessed with five million lines of code glitches in the website software, while you are ignoring the billions of lines of code inside the strands of DNA that define human nature -- an essence you have misapprehended every way possible with this foundationally malignant idea.

You can never solve that human nature problem, by the way.

All we did was accuse you of doing every single thing that you were doing -- while you were doing it.  All we did was warn our fellow Americans every which way from Sunday that this legislative contraption was a guaranteed fiasco with catastrophic consequences.  All we did was support Sarah Palin when she warned about death panels and support Ted Cruz when he was putting everything on the line in a last-ditch effort to stop the train before it runs over us.

All we did was be right about every single thing -- every damned thing -- from the beginning.  And you were just as wrong on everything.  Now, people are figuring it out.  Even many of you.  And yes, it's ironically pleasing.  No, we're not rooting for failure, but we are experiencing a nice warm sensation: let's just call it schaden-fraud.

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