ObamaCare a Planned Disaster for Political Reasons

IT experts are starting to weigh in on the spectacular fail of the ObamaCare launch, and explain what happened: political imperatives trumped everything else.  The debut of ObamaCare is a perfect demonstration of why government should not be trusted with our health care. People with common sense and reality-based principles -- in a word, conservatives -- understand that government programs are by definition political.  Politicians and bureaucrats are not personally accountable for failure, as in the private sector, so failure is acceptable to them.  Cost overruns, fraud, and poor service are the norm in government programs for a reason.   Politics has driven the ObamaCare launch failure from the beginning.  Political consideration number one was the 2012 presidential election.  The Democrats did not want voters to know there would be a huge jump in the price of insurance for most people not being...(Read Full Article)