Is your child suffering from schoolitis?

Observe your child carefully. Does he have trouble reading even simple materials?  Does he struggle with elementary arithmetic?  Does your child seem to be learning very little basic knowledge?  Is your child anxious and unhappy?  Is he reluctant to go to school, to the point where he seems to be sick a lot?  Uh-oh: your child has it bad.  Schoolitis. Remember that excitement and optimism when you child first went off to school?  Everyone just assumed that children can quickly learn to read, write, and the rest.  And it's true that children are designed to learn.  But bizarrely enough, our public schools seem designed to make learning impossible.  One by one, the lights go out. Here is a checklist to determine how bad a case of schoolitis your child has: 1) Children should learn to read in the first grade, and be selecting their own books to read by the second grade.  This is the gold standard.  Anything less means that...(Read Full Article)