Is Hollywood Finally Getting the Message on Family-friendly Entertainment?

Back in 1985, there were, at the most, only one or two major animated movies for families. This year, there are more than 10 such movies. In that same year, 1985, 46.7 percent of the movies released theatrically were R-rated, but in 2012, only 28.2 percent of the theatrical releases were rated R. The average earnings of movies with very strong Christian, redemptive content or worldviews have grown from only $21.14 million per movie in 1995 to more than $90.78 million in 2012. And, that only represents what such movies earned in the United States and Canada. It doesn't include what they earned overseas or on home video. These numbers don't lie. Neither do the ratings numbers for such faith and family friendly television programs as The History Channel's recent Bible miniseries, or A&E's popular Duck Dynasty program.  Last spring, The Bible miniseries was viewed by more than 100 million people overall. Clearly, something is happening. One factor may well be Movieguide┬«...(Read Full Article)