Here Comes the Sun: Global Warming and the Perversion of Science

As the hypothesis of man-caused global warming is trundled off to the Morgue for Scientific Hoaxes, let's anticipate the autopsy's preliminary findings: the subject expired after choking on its own premises. In denial, warmists continue to hawk recently discredited tenets: mankind's (read: America's) profligate use of fossil fuels pumps enormous quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere; naturally, Earth's temperature rises, exacerbating the so-called "greenhouse effect"; in time, our planet becomes a most inhospitable place.  "Settled science."  Until it wasn't. These postulates were meant to frighten the naive and misinformed into supporting a radical correction that would (surprise!) hit the U.S. hardest.  Now that the warmists' case has come undone, we can see it for what it is: a perversion of science and the scientific method.  The greenhouse effect is not a law of nature, but a warmist paradigm consisting of fudged data, tortured logic, and...(Read Full Article)