Dangerous Times: The Crisis-Monger

Obama thrives on crises, not solutions.

That's the key to this whole administration.

The budget crisis today is the direct result of five years of over-the-top deficit spending, all demanded by Obama, who doesn't really care if the economy gets better or not.  Either way, he will blame the Republicans, with the unanimous support of our Soviet-style media.  He believes that politically he can't lose with a completely obedient media spinning everything his way.

As long as Americans are suckered by our monopoly media, we will never solve any real problems.  Instead, we will be drawn into phony crises instigated by Obama and the Democrats.  Any real dangers, like nuclear proliferation and the Jihad War, will be ignored as long as Democrats are in power.

The only permanent solution is to fire the mendacious media, and that is completely up to you.

Republicans are treated worse in this administration than mass-murdering Mullah Rouhani, who led Iran's truck-bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1984, killing 299 young Marines and French peacekeepers.  That truck-bombing led to Hezb'allah, Iran's terrorist arm, taking over the nation of Lebanon.

Mullah Rouhani is now treated as a reasonable peacemaker by this endlessly mendacious administration.

Obama operates the same way domestically, where white and black unemployment is peaking, and he doesn't even bother to express concern.  The nation's crisis is his opportunity.

From tip to toe, Obama is a crisis-maker, not a healer.  He stirs up trouble every chance he gets.  Ask yourself how any U.S. president could willfully try to worsen race relations in the United States by flipping the judicial verdict in the Zimmerman trial, and you will begin to see the real Obama.  He doesn't care whether justice was done.  He only whips up more racial rage.

The chaotic launch of O'Care was done without adequate planning and testing.  Nobody knows if this thing could ever work, because it was passed, as Nancy Pelosi famously said, without anyone even reading the bill -- using unrelenting demagoguery in the media.  Nobody in the Democratic Party understood the bill, because no human being can understand 10,500 pages of technical jargon.  Like the 37,000 pages of the federal tax code, this law is not meant to be understood.  It is meant to give essentially unlimited powers to a bureaucracy that does not understand it, either, but which will use pieces of the giant law to implement what it wants.

Ordinary Americans don't even understand the United States Constitution, which can be printed on twenty pages, and O'Care is a hulking monstrosity by comparison.  It is intended to drive the best health care system in the world out of business.  That is perverse and malignant.

Every computer programmer knows that even "simple" programs can grow so complex that nobody can figure them out.  They become bloatware, with endless bells and whistles and a lifetime of bugs.  They can't be fixed, because their design is fundamentally flawed.  But nobody has ever planned for anything as complicated as one seventh of the U.S. economy.  This is a moon launch without any knowledge of basic physics or engineering.  It has all the arrogant presumption and ignorance of Soviet central planning.  Stay out of it if you can.

Obama doesn't care.  O'Care must go through, no matter what.

This is Obama's standard operating procedure: make a rigid demand; drive it through Congress, come hell or high water; and blame Republicans for the crash.  Or, in foreign affairs, undermine the Arab nations, blame Israel for all the trouble in the ever-violent Middle East, and praise the murderous mullahs for their peaceful intentions.

All American values are turned upside-down in this administration, which is why it has to tell an endless stream of lies.  Nobody can trust a single word.

In the Middle East, Obama insisted on the resignation of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, the pillar of peace for four decades.  That was done without regard for the suffering it would bring to the people of Egypt and its neighbors -- not just Israel, but also Saudi Arabia, which relies on Egypt for its defense.  The Muslim Brotherhood was slated as the likely winner of the next election, and now it turns out that for years, the MBs have been feeding uncounted millions of dollars directly to Obama, to the looming Hillary campaign, and to weirdos like Anthony Weiner in New York City.  New York's Democratic candidate for mayor, Bill de Blasio, is an old unrepentant Communist.  Chances are that he won the money race with a mix of leftist and Islamist dollars.  Naturally, de Blasio has the support of hopelessly corrupt media like the New York Times.

In Egypt, modernist Egyptians rebelled against Obama's Muslim Brotherhood pals, who were trying to impose sharia law.  But it took an Egyptian and Saudi rebellion against the MBs to counter Obama's penchant for supporting the worst characters in sight.  Obama favors instability because he can get his way only through crises.  That is his ideology.  That is also why he sneers at the U.S. Constitution, the great stabilizing foundation of America for two whole centuries.  

As long as this president controls the U.S. media, it doesn't matter how much disaster he creates.  His corrupt media servants will tell their Lo-Fos that he is not responsible.  The news media may be going out of business, but last week Al Jazeera advertised 800 openings for job-hungry American journalists.  Guess where their loyalties now lie.  Not to this country.  Only to the tiny oil sheikhdom of Qatar and its war theology.

In Syria we are giving arms to the Qaedist rebels, who have been torturing and decapitating women and children in Christian villages like Ma'aloula, the way they have done since Mohammed raided the Jewish Qureisha tribe in the 6th century.  In Kenya we are seeing the same mass murders of civilians at a modern mall, the pride of Nairobi.  Ordinary people taking cell phone pictures and videos are showing us the reality of America's bestial "allies" under Obama.

Yes, we are running arms to the worst murder gangs in the world, no matter how demonic they are.  That was the big secret of Benghazi: the United States was sending shiploads of Libyan arms to al-Qaeda in Syria.  Why?  Nobody in the media has even dared to ask that question.  If Obama does it, it has to be good.  But the media knew enough to bury the facts during the election.

In Syria, Sunni rebels are now an estimated 60,000 fighters, coming from the peace-loving Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, and Salafists.  Iran has poured in 20,000 fighters on Assad's side, from Hezb'allah and Iran itself.  Assad has his own army, supported by Russia, while the CIA has trained some thousands of "moderate rebels."  Guess who will win.  Not the outnumbered moderates, for sure.

The Center for Policy Studies has now exposed secret money streams from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Democrats.  That hidden flow of cash explains everything that made no sense before, going back to 9/11/01.  The MBs run layers of shell corporations to hide money for the Democrats from the IRS -- which isn't looking very hard.  The Clinton Center is one major conduit.  The Obama campaign is another.  The Democrats have a long history of corruption, going back to Boss Tweed; Joseph Kennedy, Sr.; and the Daley Machine in Chicago.  Today's "transnationalist" (socialist) Democrats are copying the European Union, which dances to the tune of Gulf oil money.  That is the seductive side of jihad, the propaganda war, which has rendered the American media deaf, dumb, and blind to the danger of Iran's suicide cult, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudis, and al-Qaeda.

This week, we also found out about Malik Obama, yet another half-brother of the president's, who turns out to be a big muckety-muck in -- you guessed it -- the radical Muslim Brotherhood.  Their slogan is "Our ambition is to die in the way of Allah!"  And naturally to commit murder and torture in the way of Allah, too.  This is an ancient evil come alive, with the active aid of the radical left in Europe and America.  Without the Western left, there would be no huge Muslim immigration flow into Europe and the U.S.  That is why famous "feminist" Naomi Wolf has signed on with Al Jazeera, the voice of the ancient desert patriarchy itself.

So here we see Malik Obama, with a big smile on his face and a dozen "wives" tucked away in his harem.

Want to see a real war against women?  Wherever sharia takes over, women are systematically intimidated, brainwashed, beaten, raped, murdered, jailed in their homes, and treated with contempt.  American feminists are so utterly deluded that they can't see crimes against women all over Dar al Harb, the House of War, right in front of their unseeing eyes.  And Obama's "alter ego," Valerie Jarrett, born and raised in Iran, can't be in any doubt about the facts.  She knows the facts, Obama knows the facts, and the only explanation is purposeful crisis-mongering: things have to get worse before they can get better.

That perverse logic failed for seven decades in the Soviet Union.  Under the glorious reign of Obama, it isn't working, either.  Leninism is nothing but personal animosity turned into government policy.

In civilized Iran, the mullahs just passed a pedophile-enabling law, allowing men to "adopt" young girls and then to officially "marry" them.  This is all fine according to the barbaric laws of the formerly great land of Persia, where child sex slavery, drugs, and pervasive tyranny are par for the course.

From the New York Post:

Iranian news reports (in 1992) said (Rouhani's) son shot himself with his father's pistol in 1992. But now Iranian dissident Ali Reza Nuri reports that the son wrote a suicide note. Writing in the London-based, Saudi-owned pan-Arab newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat, he says the note read: "I hate your government, your lies, your corruption, your religion, your double standard and your hypocrisy."  

This is the man Obama is so eager to "negotiate" with.

In five critical years, Obama has done nothing to stop Iranian nukes, while telling Israel and the Saudis he would never let it happen.  Obama's goal was to trap Israel into a no-win do-or-die dilemma.  The Saudis are even more scared of the Iranians, who tried to overthrow the Saudi royal family when Khomeini was alive.  Saudi Arabia has a tiny population and a huge desert to protect, along with Mecca and Medina.  They are much more vulnerable than Israel, which packs a big retaliatory punch.

Obama has consistently lied to our allies.  None of them trust us today, under a man who was called "aliéné" by France's Nicholas Sarkozy -- meaning "alienated from reality."  Like all intelligence agencies, the French Sûreté has psychiatrists on its staff, and you can even look up Obama's personality on Wikipedia.

More than any nation on Earth, America has made war, when there were no good alternatives, with a clear sense of moral purpose.  Historians always argue about wartime decisions after the fact.  The Declaration of Independence makes the case for the American revolution in moral and legal terms.  The Civil War was fought as a last resort against the spread of slavery and to keep the "last, best hope of mankind" alive.  World Wars I and II were fought to defend civilized values against tyranny, and the Cold War had a convincing rationale explained by John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Obama is the first American president to have abandoned the moral high ground in his foreign policy.  Like Bill Clinton and unlike George W. Bush, Obama has never used the bully pulpit of the presidency to explain why we are at war.  Because don't doubt for a moment that war has been declared on us by every jihadist regime from Ayatollah Khomeini to Muhammed Morsi.

The Obama presidency pre-emptively surrenders to the enemy whenever it gets a chance.  It has appointed Muslim Brotherhood loyalists to high positions in this administration.  It has swept under the rug jihadist assaults on our military and our civilian population.  It has failed to stop the aggressive jihadist regime in Iran in its assault -- not just on Israel, but on America itself.

Prime Minister Netanyahu just pointed out that the Iranians are building ICBMs with enough range to hit the United States.  The mullahs already have missiles able to hit Israel and the Sunni oil regimes across the Gulf.

Why does a war theocracy build long-range nukes and missiles while impoverishing its own people?  No sane person doubts the answer.  But as long as Obama is president, the United States will act like a helpless giant.  We have the best military in the world, and the most inane and flabbiest leadership.

A British saying from the Cold War goes:

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. But three times is enemy action."

It's still true.

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