Cory's Booker of Lies

See also: Hollywood Trying to Buy it for Booker A few chapters back in the Cory Booker story, the dashing young mayor of Newark, New Jersey was actually dashing into a burning building to save a helpless woman. Now here we are, a few plot twists later, and Cory Booker's halo is looking kind of mucky. Take those flirty tweets he sent to an impressively tattooed stripper, the one and only Ms. Lynsie Lee. Did the public react to this naughty news with prudish gasps of disgust? Nope. Instead, cynics, who were getting used to Booker's antics, pointed out he may have deployed those tweets to scotch rumors of certain other.... proclivities. Now, really, tell me. How well is your campaign going when your best-case scenario is you really did mean to tweet that stripper? It's getting hard not to notice that Cory Booker likes to lie. A lot. Which is why New Jersey's special Senate election on October 16 is tightening fast.  Booker's lead over businessman Steve Lonegan...(Read Full Article)