Why the Establishment Is Wrong and the Defund Gambit Can Work

"Dumbest idea I've ever heard."  "Can't happen."  "Picket had a better chance." So say some of the right's sharpest and most experienced political minds of the defund ObamaCare effort.  Finding Beltway critics of the defund gambit is like finding oil in the Bakken Formation (in that critics are plentiful, not that the Beltway oozes unrefined black sludge under pressure). The defund gambit carries risk; there is no way around that.  As long as Harry Reid and Barack Obama are willing to shut down the government rather than spare people from the added expense, reduced choice, and invasions of privacy that ObamaCare brings, things will get dicey.  Ironically, however, it will be the Democrats themselves who serve as the catalyst for conservative success. Here's how it can happen. In order to score a political win in a government shutdown, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and others must portray the situation as intolerable.  That portrayal stimulates an...(Read Full Article)