Ted Cruz Reveals that the Republican Establishment Despise Their Own Base

The Revolutionary War was a rebellion against Britain, but it first required a battle between Tories and Patriots.  Ted Cruz is fighting for the honor of leading the conservative movement.  The main goal is to give the American people a voice, defeat the Democrat Party, and take over Congress and the White House, so we can shrink our federal government back to constitutional limits. The battleground of the moment is ObamaCare.  But the first adversary that must be defeated is the Republican establishment.  Is it any wonder that the Republican leadership is working to make sure the defunding effort fails? Ted Cruz is pinning his ambitions to the big reality the Tea Party represents: conservatives really are fed up with both parties in Washington, D.C.  The Republican base allowed Obama to be re-elected when an estimated five million of us stayed home in the 2012 election.  It may not have been wise, but it happened for a very good reason: they didn't...(Read Full Article)