Israel's Bright Future

Israel is undoubtedly one of the most hated countries on Earth.  Hatred against Israel is deeply rooted in the Arab world and in the Muslim world at large.  It has also progressed quickly in Europe over the last decades.  Although less common in North America, it is gaining ground, especially in universities, and "anti-Zionist" events such as Israeli Apartheid Week annually attract thousands of students on dozens of campuses. In addition, Israel is a threatened country.  Iran continues toward building nuclear weapons.  Instability in the Sinai Peninsula may at any moment lead to a deadly terrorist attack.  The civil war raging in Syria, the presence of al-Qaeda on Syrian territory, and an eventual strike against Syrian military could spill over into Israel and lead to a larger-scale war. Israel is also a country facing difficulties: real estate prices are very high and restrict homeownership, tensions between ultra-Orthodox and more mainstream Jews...(Read Full Article)