Iran's Press TV on Prince Charles and the Jews

On Tuesday (3rd of September), Iran's Press TV published an article ('Prince Charles wears Jewish cap at new chief rabbi inaugural') on Prince Charles's attendance at the inaugural of the new Chief Rabbi of the UK, Ephraim Mervis. It focused particularly on the fact that Charles wore the Jewish 'yarmulke'. From Prince Charles's attendance, and his wearing a skullcap, Press TV concluded much.

Firstly, this article hardly mentions Israel or even Zionists. It's primarily about the Jews. In fact the tone is barely distinguishable from Der Stürmer or Stormfront.

The writer concludes that this was Prince Charles 'most explicit ever show of allegiance with the jews'. (The hatred is so strong they can't even bring themselves to capitalize the word 'Jew'; just as Trotskyists used to write 'god' instead of 'God'.) What he doesn't tell you is that Prince Charles has also worn a turban as well as a Muslim cap on many occasions. Prince Charles has also worn African dress, danced with Maoris, done some Morris dancing and probably eaten a few frogs in France too. Such is the level of Press TV Jew-hatred that these inconvenient facts are ignored. (Jew-haters always ignore facts when they work against their many conspiracies.)

What this Press TV writer is concerned with is the fact that the 'British royal family has close ties with the Zionist regime of Israel'. The fact that the British Royal Family also has close ties with almost every state on the planet -- including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco, Jordan and many others -- is also ignored. Is this level of evident and systematic brainlessness deliberate (in that such rhetoric is required to fire up the anti-Jewish troops); or is the writer genuinely just a bit thick?

Press TV indulges in more conspiracy theorizing when it tells us that there are 'vast covert links between British royals and the Israeli regime'. Needless to say, there have been other conspiracy theories tying in the Royal Family with, amongst others, contemporary Nazis (i.e., no, not in the 1930s!) and even with alien lizards (check out David Icke on this one).

But what is most blatant about this article is how it completely ignores Prince Charles's love for Islam and his close links to many Muslims. Charles has suggested that British kids learn from Islam and praised Islam on many occasions. ("... Islam can teach us today a way of understanding and living in the world which Christianity itself is the poorer for having lost.")The fact that Press TV completely ignores all this simply means that there is something deeply pathological about its views on the Jews. Just take one passage from Prince Charles:

"I start from the belief that Islamic civilisation at its best... I feel that we in the West could be helped to rediscover those roots of our own understanding by an appreciation of the Islamic tradition's deep respect for the timeless traditions of the natural order."

Again, this Press TV article has little to do with Israel or even 'Zionists'. It's mainly about the fact that 'the British royal family has had a very friendly relationship with the Jewish community'. You see 'anti-Zionism' is indeed not synonymous (semantically) with 'Jew-hatred'. It's just that they nearly always go together. Or, more correctly, 'anti-Zionism' and 'anti-Semitism' don't of course mean the same thing. It's just that the latter almost invariably leads to the former. There is no need to argue that anti-Zionism actually means anti-Semitism.

This article also sounds like much 'anti-Zionist' Trotskyist stuff. And as with the comments which follow the article, you'd be hard pressed to decide whether the Jew-haters are Leftists, Islamists or Nazis.

The Leftists and Nazis fuse on the Jews; just as they fuse on so much else: the promise of full employments, the destruction of (Jewish?) capitalism, selfless leaders, class equality, the promise (if unspoken) of Utopia. No wonder Nazis and Leftists hate Israel: a capitalist democracy set right in the heart of a huge sea of autocracies and Islamist regimes. That fusion of Jewish democratic capitalism annoys the Left almost as much as it does the Nazis. And that's why the Leftist tradition of Jew-hatred goes all the way back to Marx himself... Yes, I know he was a Jew; just as Ruth Fischer was a Jew as well as a Communist when she uttered these words (in the 1920s):

"Whoever cries out against Jewish capitalists is already a class warrior... Kick down the Jewish capitalists, hang them from the lampposts, and stamp upon them."

That tradition of Jewish and Leftist Jew-haters has carried right on up until today with the likes of Noam Chomsky, Ilan Pappé, Sylvain Cypel and Normal Finklestein: all Jewish Leftists; all haters of capitalism and the West; all haters of Israel and Zionism; and all academics too.

More relevantly, this tradition of Leftist Jew-hatred ties in with Press TV and Iran itself. These are the current UK Leftists (not Jews) who work - or who have worked - for Iran's Press TV: George Galloway, John Rees (the Stop the War Coalition, Counterfire, ex-Socialist Worker's Party), Yvonne Ridley (now a Muslim, StWC), Lindsey German (StWC, Counterfire, ex-SWP), Lauren Booth (Tony Blair's sister-in-law and now a Muslim, StWC), Chris Bamberry (StWC, Counterfire, ex-SWP). And just to show you how far this fusion of Jew-hatred, the hatred of capitalism and the love of Muslims and Iran has gone, bear in mind that John Rees even went so far as to say (when a leader of the SWP) that he'd support Iran in a war with the UK.

Not surprisingly, these people, along with the Stop the War Coalition (StWC), are against the war in Syria; as (Shia) Assad is a good friend of (Shia) Iran. In addition, that explains why some Press TV/StWC activists, including George Galloway, have even blamed Israel for supplying Al-Qaeda with the gas needed for the recent gas attacks. That means that Assad is excused and Israel is blamed. Such Jew-hatred runs deep. Hence the mindlessness and the madness.

Here are some of the readers' comments which follow this Press TV article. See if you can tell if it's Leftist or Nazi Jew-hatred that's being expressed.

Quentin: "Yes, more proof of institutionalised British racism. The Zionists have colonised Palestine through the standard practice of ethnic cleansing, including rape, torture and mass incarceration, and now has imposed a state of Apartheid."

In plain sight: "Protocols of Zion have been in printed form since at least 1905. Protocols are the blueprint for everything that has happened since at least the American Revolution, but cattle have been too busy with the distractions deliberately put before them."

Audrey Blakey: "zionist terrorists have brought UK to the edge of bankruptcy and still buying British by bribing them. One thing is absolutely clear whoever is falling attach itself to the Jew Zionist terrorist. It shows the desperation of the UK monarchy since people don't want them anymore. They show thier close ties with the terrorists to scare people."

Sean: "... if you had a clue the Protocols Of Zion were not a hoax, they were declared by a curt [sic]of law as a 'forgery'...if you have a clue, forgery means a copy...a copy of the original! The Zionist jews could not deny that they wrote that satanic crap so they argued in court to try to discredit it by saying it was a 'forgery'...which just means that someone got hold of their evil work and reprinted it for the world to know about it!"

Sam Steel: "Don't be mistaken. UK gave birth to the Zionist terrorists and they are the UK trained barking mad dogs biting whoever their master poiting [sic] finger to."

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