An Absence of Light

A Christian couple that operates a family-owned bakery, Sweet Cakes By Melissa, in Gresham, OR has been forced to close due to the moblike tactics of the LGBT community, who relentlessly protested and boycotted their little store. The protestors threatened customers and vendors. This from those the tell us that all they ask is "tolerance" and to be free to "love" whomever they choose.

It seems to me they're hypocrites of the first order. Demanding of others what they themselves are somehow incapable of giving. Their two-faced approach is if someone doesn't believe as you do, threaten them and shut them down? Why not simply go get a cake at the next bakery?

So the new definition of "tolerance" now means "acceptance," "choice" means "force," and "love" means fornication and sexual indecency.

According to Todd's report the Kleins posted a Proverb on their Facebook pages explaining where they stood with regard to the closing of their family cupcake business, ""Better is a poor man who walks in integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his way."

Thank God for Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of the bakery, for standing up to the intolerance, the hate, the assaults upon their convictions and their livelihood by being a light unto a dark world.

America has become a nation all but void of Christians willing to be "light and salt." The Klein's should be applauded.

Too many Christians have no idea how their inaction has caused America's moral decline. The world is a dark place. And Christians must stop fighting the windmills -- the results of their reclusive laziness -- and begin to put energies into getting involved, being lights in the community, like the Kleins.

Christians must take their quenching faith out of their homes and churches and bring it to a dark and thirsty world. Edmund Burke once said; For evil to triumph all that is necessary is for good people to do nothing. In other words the absence of light is darkness. The darkness is here because our light is not.

The Klein's problems aren't the only ones Christians face. Recently the New Mexico's Supreme Court ruled that Christian photographers who refused to snap pictures at the union ceremony of a same-sex couple violated the state's Human Rights Act.

The federal government through the National Park Service has attempted to prevent Christians from using public waters as places of baptism.

In Olympia, Washington, the Attorney General claimed that partaking in a religious sacrament on public property was a violation of their state constitution.

In Missouri, Christians were prevented from baptizing converts in the public park waters without a special use permit. The government going as far as placing large rocks on the paths preventing access to streams & lakes making it almost impossible to get the elderly or handicapped to the water's edge.

The IRS routinely harasses churches threatening their non-profit status with ever increasing and intimidating tactics, because they disapprove of their activities or support of issues deemed political.

At the very same time across the nation the federal government is assisting public entities such as airports and universities in accommodate the religious beliefs of Muslims.

Several airports have used taxpayer funds to provide foot baths for the benefit of Islamic taxi drivers, in one case providing prayer rugs. At the San Francisco International Airport, officials spent public funds to build a place of "worship" at the airport, for their Muslim employees.

Some universities have installed food baths for students to use before praying. The University of Michigan alone spent $25,000 to install foot baths at their Dearborn, MI campus.

This is an affront to the Founding Fathers -- who were the masterminds behind our federal government -- and who were themselves Christians, many ordained ministers, and all of whom supported the principle that a nation and a government could not sustain itself without Christian virtue as its foundation, or the Christian religion and Christian morality as its strongest supports.

As millions of American Christians sit back and do nothing -- because they are either too content, immobilized by fear or simply ignorant about the world in which they live -- their country is on a course of destruction.

Being a Christian reminds me of a hand-cranked emergency flashlight. It has no real capacity to store energy. It has no power source. It relies upon the labor of the one who cranks the handle. When the Christian retreats from the pubic arena -- it has the same result of not cranking the handle: no light. Our light and influence, like the illuminating effect of the flashlight, dims more and more, the less we do, and the darkness rushes in filling the void. Light dispels darkness but only for as long as the light remains. The darkness returns naturally and immediately as the light diminishes. For evil to sweep in only requires us to abandon our post as the keepers of the faith -- not by doing evil ourselves -- but by simply taking our light out of the world.

David is a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history. He lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children. In 1994 during the "Republican Revolution" David self published a 300 page soft-cover book "The Conservative Directory," The Little Black Book of the Cultural Counter Revolution, w3hich was praised by Charlton Heston, Bay Buchanan, Joseph Farah among many others. David is currently considering a revised edition that would be searchable and accessible online. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus

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