What Animates Barack Hussein Obama?

In a 2013 fund-raising letter, Allen West wrote that "Obama's completely incoherent foreign policy is putting our strongest allies in grave danger.  His extreme ambivalence is simply unacceptable."

But is it really incoherent?  Obama's mentors have long taught him to despise America.  In fact, these "mentors and allies were marked by hatred of the United States," and Obama was "marinated" in a "visceral hostility to the West" via the influence of Frank Marshall Davis, who had a long history of anti-American, anti-white beliefs.  Other mentors include Rashid Khalidi and the late Edward Said, spokesmen for Palestinian terrorists.  That Christians in the Middle East as well as Israel, the Jewish homeland, should be put at grave risk is an idea that has swirled in this president's mind for a very long time.  Thomas Sowell maintains that "[w]hat many regard as a failure of Obama's foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, may well be one of his biggest successes."

Obama's actions are creating  an end result where the United States no longer plays a large role internationally.  In July 2011, Douglas J. Feith and Seth Cropsey cogently explained that calling Obama's actions in Libya "vacillating and aimless" misses an important point: that "Barack Obama has declared that he wants to transform America's role in world affairs."  Thus, under Obama, there will be less focus "on the American people's particular interests, and less concern about preserving U.S. freedom of action."  The Obama Doctrine is about weakening America's place and function in the world.

On the Egyptian debacle, we have an American president who is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, whose aims are to destroy the West.  Mass chaos in the Middle East will permit the barbarians to visit their heinous actions upon the world.  The Brotherhood  has already infiltrated the White House, and sharia is now considered part of the American judicial system in some parts of our country.

In another vein, the news that the Obama administration has missed half of ObamaCare's legally imposed implementation deadlines is stunning.  One might conclude that it is because of mishandling or ineptitude by the various players.  On the other hand, if a leader has an ideological vision that wishes to diminish a country, what better method than to wreak havoc and cause misery among American individuals and companies?  Confusion and suffering are emerging as more Americans realize they were lied to about the alleged benefits of ObamaCare and feel boxed in with the overwhelming and onerous regulations.

Obama has in the past appealed to "laziness."  But those late-night Friday memos don't just come out of nowhere.  The sparse log of the president's daily activities belies the fact that his fingerprints are evident in changing the landscape of America and her relationships with allies. 

Though Obama may not possess business expertise, he does have one important ingredient that all businesses require: a  purpose.  Any business organization needs a mission to create a sense of direction and effectively allocate resources.  But aims are useful only if they trigger action.

Mission statements of companies describe their overarching purpose and delineate their corporate culture.  From the onset of his presidency, Obama has concentrated his aim into a single memorable purpose -- to incrementally take down the exceptional United States.  And as America's debt increases and its ability to be strong decreases, Obama's ideology to alter American exceptionalism seems to be producing the desired results.

To help himself along, Obama creates a sense of shared purpose with the media, who enjoy being in the aura of his power limelight.  He uses the tools of the internet to lure in a young audience who delight in being a part of something that they know nothing about.  But it feels good to be with Obama, "their president."

And when things get a bit challenging for this White House, Obama carts out the race card so that a false sense of aggrievement brings his followers together as they work to give Obama a free pass to do more damage.

By words, by actions, he has demoralized the country; he has thwarted people's abilities to succeed economically; he has intimidated people from speaking out; he has trampled the Constitution; and he has affronted our allies and embraced our enemies.

Barack Hussein Obama "lived in a Muslim-majority country" from ages six to ten and has been influenced by a culture that promotes the death of the spirit.  How does this affect his decision-making process?  Far too often, whether it be his decisions on partial birth abortions or his intransigence to stop American energy-independence, this president's decisions end in casualties and destruction

Many concerned Americans sincerely wonder why their president continues to enact regulations that hurt the nation; they scratch their heads in bewilderment at things that simply aren't logical; they offer the quotation that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again [while] expecting different results" but would never ascribe madness to this man.  They cannot fathom why he continues to pull the country down economically, and his draconian edicts anger them. 

Rush Limbaugh's theorem is that Obama is consistently in campaign mode; therefore, Obama constantly creates the impression that he is fighting the bad forces, when, in fact, he is plotting the bad decisions that harm this nation.  And unfortunately, too many Americans never directly attribute the downgrading of the country to Obama's regulations, laws, and disdain for the guiding principles of the United States. 

Are his decisions based on inexperience?  Is he incompetent in foreign affairs?  He rubs shoulders with the peons, but he is no clown, notwithstanding his moment on Saturday Night Live.  In fact, during his cameo appearance, when he stated that he has "nothing to hide," what did he really mean?  Is it possible that Obama really hates America and that his actions reflect that animus?

What is a thinking individual to make of Barack Hussein Obama?  Based on the overwhelming evidence of this administration's actions, is the president deliberately doing these things?  Are the results of his catastrophic decisions exactly what he wants?  Does he, as Sowell has mused, "see his own role as a 'spy behind enemy lines' in the White House"?

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