The Holder-Hasan Disconnect

Recently, Attorney General Eric Holder, our nation's highest legal authority, failed to attend a conference of all the world's nations' highest authorities on terrorism.  Indeed, a list of the attendees includes everyone who is someone in the War on Terror - except, quite glaringly, the commander-in-chief, the attorney general, and that gray eminence behind the scrim, Valerie Jarrett.  

Of course, if the administration truly believes that terrorism is criminal in nature rather than terroristic warfare - in other words, that Islamic terrorism should be adjudicated in domestic courts as criminal violations of U.S. statutes rather than treated as aggressive acts of war directed against the American people - who better to chair such a high-level conference on terrorism than the very person who sits at the pinnacle of our federal prosecutorial system?

It truly is not difficult to find motive in these political machinations: plausible deniability leaps first to mind.  If I'm not there, I can't be blamed for any negative consequences of this forum.

Second observation: We, who wield the executive power in this administration, won't have to account for our previous comments that al-Qaeda is on the run in the face of this week's submissive folding of the American flag from the entryways of embassies throughout the Middle East.

The supposedly defeated al-Qaeda supposedly roared a threat of imminent danger and destruction, and the Obama/Kerry State Department rolled on its back, assuming the universal position of submission. That word, submission, is highly significant to Islamic terrorists.

Now think about that in light of the highest-profile terrorist event extant in this country: the trial at Fort Hood, Texas of the terrorist killer, Nidal Hasan, an Army doctor, who, while proclaiming his allegiance to Allah, gunned down 43 American soldiers and/or their family members, killing fourteen.  The Obama administration had to reluctantly yield prosecution to the system of military justice because the perpetrator was a serving officer and therefore fully under the judicial authority of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  However, the shamefully politically correct governance of the Army, under the mouse-meek leadership of a four-star general whose name rightly resembles dumpster, has chosen to follow the Obama administration's determination that an Islamic militant, shouting, "Allahu Akbar" as he  gunned down the innocent and unaware, constitutes workplace violence rather than the Islamic terrorism it truly was.

From the perp himself:

Hasan, a Muslim American, does not deny being the gunman. In a brief opening statement today at his trial, which opened at the fort where his shooting spree took place, he declared: "The evidence will clearly show that I am the shooter."

Hasan called himself a "mujahedeen," or a Muslim holy warrior. "We mujahedeen are imperfect soldiers trying to form a perfect religion. I apologize for any mistakes I made in this endeavor," he said.

So, as the trial begins, Nidal Hasan, legally representing himself at the proceedings at Fort Hood, describes himself as a mujahedeen, a soldier, admitting that he was, in fact, the shooter.  He clearly believes himself to be a soldier in Allah's vanguard and his murderous actions as the religiously justifiable slaughter of the enemies of Islam.  To my way of thinking, that clearly renders laughable, although tragically so, the Obama administration's claim that this deadly event was "workplace violence," a designation that, while covering the administration's politically correct ass, also  deprives the victims and survivors of this tragedy of those federal benefits due them as victims of an act of war.

One can only find it ironic that our federal government, on the eve of the opening of the military trial of America's most visible and confessed Islamic terrorist, convenes a plenum of the highest order in Washington, D.C. to discuss Islamic threats to our society, and the ultimate authorities on how those threats are to be dealt with, both militarily and judicially, our commander-in-chief and our attorney general, are busy playing golf or pursuing other such imperatives.  Were this not merely an action of workplace violence, but rather an act of Islamic terrorism, as the accused is so clearly confessing to, Barack Obama and, especially, Eric Holder, might be viewed as AWOL.  That's "absent without leave" for you civilians.

In the increasingly Alice in Wonderland world that the Obama administration has become, we are faced with the reality of federal law enforcement being unwilling to accept the at-trial self-characterization of a Muslim terrorist that he is, in fact, exactly that: a Muslim terrorist, eagerly killing Americans in an overt and deliberate act of war.  Hasan is the happy warrior, readily confessing to the sacred motives of his murderous massacre.  But according to our federal justice department and our commander-in-chief, it's "Nope, what the hell does he know?  It was nothing more than an act of workplace violence."

And that, folks, is the Holder-Hasan Disconnect, leaving us to conclude that it has no longer become a question of just how stupid the Obama administration thinks the American people are and how much of their politically correct BS they can make us swallow. Rather, the question has become:

"Just how stupid is the Obama administration?"