San Diego's Mayor Filner and Democratic Strategy

The abusive behavior of Mayor Filner of San Diego toward women has provoked an interesting situation: while Democrats profess to be the party of women, so far no prominent male Democratic politician has condemned Filner's actions.  The only condemnations have come from women, such as Senator Boxer and others. The most common response to this insensitivity toward women's rights is to portray it as a manifestation of "hypocrisy": that Democrats and the media are quick to attack Republican men for bad behavior toward women but carefully avoid condemning Democratic politicians for the same behavior. This observation is accurate but incomplete.  There is much more going on here than just a double standard.  Everyone knows the media circled the wagons to protect Bill Clinton's campaign when he first ran in 1992, and that Hillary Clinton, while stating, "I'm not some Tammy Wynette sitting by my man," apparently felt that it was okay to defend him. And the media continued...(Read Full Article)