Reagan vs. Obama: It's not even close

As evidenced by the troubled thoughts of delusional liberals on the American Thinker site, many on the left seem to be confused about history -- and particularly the Reagan years.  A comparison between Reagan and Obama seems in order. We'll start with an electoral analysis. Reagan won the 1980 election by 10 percentage points in the popular vote over an incumbent president, also carrying 44 states and taking 91% of the electoral college.  In 1984, Reagan was re-elected with an over 18% margin in the popular vote, carrying 49 states (and losing only Minnesota, by 3,761 votes [0.18%], to prevent a complete 50-state sweep) and taking 98% of the electoral college.  These represent the largest back-to-back presidential election wins in American history, attesting to the fact that American voters like true conservatism -- not RINO-oriented compassionate conservatism mush, nor liberalism. By comparison, Obama won the 2008 election against a non-incumbent ticket by only...(Read Full Article)