Is There Anything about Race We Can Agree On?

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Democrats think a rodeo clown's jokes are racist, Republicans think they are healthy free speech.  Democrats think Trayvon Martin was shot for being black, Republicans think he was shot in self-defense because of his thuggish assault on Zimmerman.  Republicans think the President should show leadership to counter the violent Rapper culture that leads to murder.  Democrats think it is racist to mention the black murder rate.  Democrats swoon over Obama's courage in saying if he had a son he'd look like Trayvon.  Republicans see it as the lowest form of divisive race baiting. 

Are we finally having that honest conversation on race?  Will it enable black conservatives to get their voices heard in the public arena?  Will decent liberals start to buck the status quo of Democrat failure on race?  Is there a place of honest concern on race where caring people can meet?

In a hopeful sign, Juan Williams, who was kicked off the Democrat plantation at NPR for forbidden honest speech and is now a liberal voice at Fox, actually agreed with conservative former Congressman Allen West that black Civil Rights leaders need start helping blacks solve their self-inflicted problems:

Juan Williams responded, "Let me be blunt, where are the civil rights leaders? Why aren't we hearing from the civil rights leaders out there leading marches and protests against violence, against the drug dealers, against the bad schools, saying to young women, 'Hey, this is madness'" know, a blind eye to the drug dealers, a blind eye to the people who tell you 'It's thug life, or no life.'"

In the Civil Rights era, we all knew what racism was:  believing blacks were inferior, barring them from sharing public spaces, and discriminating against them.  We knew what equality was: ridding America of racial barriers so that everyone could excel based on their own character, hard work and G-d-given gifts.  

Democrats have successfully re-written history to give themselves the starring role in the fight against racism -- something they didn't earn in the Civil Rights era and are not earning now.

Until the successes of the Republican Martin Luther King, the Democrats were the party of racism.  Progressives promoted racist eugenics from the 1920's, FDR wooed Southern Dixiecrat support for the New Deal by selling out civil rights. JFK voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Act and opposed MLK's 1963 March on Washington (organized by black Republicans).  It was only with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that fighting racism became bi-partisan, with Republican Senator Everett Dirksen pushing through the Civil Rights Act and Republicans supplying most of the votes. 

The South transformed itself in living memory, from Jim Crow to race blindness, one of the great achievements of American culture that should be celebrated and enjoyed.  Instead the South continues to be defamed by Democrat race-based politicking.

Democrats kept Dixiecrat Congressmen such as former KKK Keagle Senator Robert Byrd, while tarring Republicans with the falsehood of pandering to racist Southern voters.  The reality is that Republicans won the new generation of non-racist Southern voters.  Once they were no longer avoiding the Republican Party as the party of civil rights, it was their natural home because Southerners agree with a strong national defense, social conservatism, and a smaller, fiscally responsible federal government.  They certainly didn't feel at home in the 1970's Democratic Party of "acid, amnesty, and abortion."

After King's victories, something tragic happened.  The Civil Rights movement was corrupted by money and power into a spoils system.  Democrats discovered they could buy black votes by channeling federal money to them.  They bought themselves a permanent black voting base that gives them an edge in every federal election, based on Tammany Hall corruption writ large. 

Black shake-down artists like Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus discovered they could use anti-discrimination laws to extort millions of dollars from corporate America. 

All eight open House investigations (into corruption) involve caucus members, and most center on accusations of improper ties to private businesses.

The direct pay-offs to black voters include overrepresentation in the bloated federal bureaucracy, useless War on Poverty programs that serve the function of make-work for blacks, the hundred and one income redistribution programs that take money from working people and direct it to non-working families -- ruining their lives, but who's counting. 

Democrats cynically inflame racial fear and anger for political gain.   They create false dramas of racial injustice, such as the Zimmerman trial, even though it wounds and damages blacks and the entire the country. 

Even worse, when the War on Poverty programs backfired, mortally wounding black families and creating nightmarish conditions for black children, Democrats found their party couldn't do without the federal money, and the power and control it gave them over black voters.

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Gullory recently explained why he changed from Democrat to Republican: 

The left is only concerned with one thing:  Control, and they disguise control as charity. Programs such as welfare, these programs aren't designed to lift black Americans out of poverty.  They were always intended as a mechanism for politicians to control the black community.  The idea that blacks or anyone, for that matter, need the government to get ahead in life is despicable. And even more important, this idea is a failure.  Our communities are just as poor as they have always been.  Our schools continue to fail children, our prisons are filled with young black men, who should be at home, being fathers.  Our self-initiative and our self-reliance have been sacrificed in exchange for allegiance to our overseers.  Who control us by making us dependent on them. 

But cynicism doesn't enter in: Democrats truly believe that they alone care about blacks.  They don't admit that the destruction they have wreaked on the black community is the inevitable result of their faulty policies.  They believe their own propaganda that Republicans are haters.

Yes, it is self-serving.  The importance of racial politics for Democrat victory cannot be overstated. They know how to keep blacks in group-think lockstep, manipulated by pain and fear of racist Republicans.  The human capacity for self-serving hypocrisy is unlimited.

The sense of moral superiority that Democrats assign themselves is just as crucial in keeping well-meaning white liberal voters in line.  As long as Republicans are tarred as bigots, such Democrats can't imagine switching parties, and can't see what Republicans have to offer the country.

Out of this tragedy is emerging a solution: a coalition of black and white conservatives.

There is an exciting new energy as black leaders and thinkers are rebelling against the Democratic Party.  Almost a million blacks voted for Romney in 2012, an act of substantial courage and independence, which results in pariah status among their friends and neighbors. The new world of the internet is allowing black conservatives to be heard.  Google black Tea Party leaders, black conservative bloggers, black conservatives, black Republicans and you will be happy to see how many outstanding people are working for change.  Some are household names, beloved and respected among conservatives, such as Rep. Allen West, Herman Cain, Justice Clarence Thomas, Professor Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson.   Many others are making an impact -- Senator Tim Scott, Mia Love, Deneen Borelli, Deroy Murdock, Walter Williams, Lloyd Marcus, and the list goes on.  This is good news indeed.

Derrick Wilburn, black Tea Party activist and organizer of American Conservatives of Color has this to say:

The principles of conservatism - personal empowerment, less government intrusion into private lives, a strong national defense, greater individual freedom & liberty, fiscal responsibility from our elected officials - make sense and work for all people, regardless of race or ethnicity.

The chasm between black (and brown) and conservative America is unhealthy for both sides, and at B& we are dedicated to helping bridge that gap. Our deepest desire is to aid in bringing both sides to a place of mutual understanding and respect.

Black America, we have got to change the way we operate. Automatically running to one political party and voting for its candidates and policies without so much as considering another is fundamentally flawed. Conservative America, we have got to change the way we operate. Where is the outreach, where and what is the message to ethnic minorities? Not making an effort to reach divergent groups is fundamentally flawed. Fixing this divide will be neither fast nor easy, but we've got to start someplace, sometime. Why not here, why not now?

Conservatives need to expose race baiting, but we must not stop there.  Each ugly incident is an opportunity to show how our side has more to offer blacks.  Don't just point to the horrific murder statistics in Chicago, talk about real solutions enacted by Republican mayors, and that black families don't have to settle for this awful Democrat Nanny state of affairs. 

A million blacks have already left the Democrats' plantation.  If we want that number to grow, we have to show up and ask for their vote.  We can agree, conservative black and white, uniting around our devotion to American principles of small government and individual freedom, the only routes to a better life for everyone.

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