Is Snowden Pivotal to U.S.-Russian Relations?

Edward Snowden, thanks to his lawyer and Vladimir Putin, has a one-year renewable grant of asylum and has left his safe haven at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Aiport.  For now, he is safe at some unidentified location and, within limits, free.  Such is life in Russia.  It's also quickly becoming life in America, as Snowden demonstrated to us all. Envoys from Russian intelligence services and internal affairs undoubtedly have made it clear to Snowden that if he stays, he talks only to them about America's espionage apparatus.  He will be the guy every Russian media type wants to interview, but at least for now the Russian government will keep Snowden muzzled or confined to tightly controlled public statements to express his gratitude to the Russian government and people.  Although Putin no doubt enjoyed sticking it to Barack Obama in this little face-off, he won't want to prolong the spat further.  But perhaps the U.S. government doesn't share that point of...(Read Full Article)