How Democrats use Federal Agencies to Influence Politics

Democrats control the largest American cities and their electoral success is due to the support of black voters. They have achieved this domination by segregating the black population and controlling black politicians. Today, virtually all major black political leaders are Democrats, especially in those cities that are traditional Democratic strongholds.

The recent IRS scandal proved that the Obama Administration used the IRS's tax exempt category to deny Tea Party and other groups of their free speech. Campaign donations have been ruled free speech by the Supreme Court. But Obama is not the first president to try to influence elections through the use of Federal agencies. More troubling examples of this occurred in the 1960s under the administrations of JFK and LBJ.

Democrats control nearly all of the cities of the Midwest and Northeast. When Dr. King started to emerge as a national black political leader in the 1960s, he became a threat to this Democratic control since he was not a Democrat. How Democrats plotted to weaken King's stature was revealed by the 1976 Church Senate Committee. The following page numbers refer to the summary report referenced here.

The story began in 1963 when the FBI, working with the White House, initiated a COINTELPRO (counterintelligence program) against King. To justify this investigation the FBI labeled him a "communist." This enabled the FBI to investigate him under the phony pretense of national security. No evidence was ever produced indicating King was associated with communism. (p. 11).

John F. Kennedy narrowly won the 1960 election, and in 1963 began to work on his 1964 reelection campaign. Having won the presidency by just 2,000 votes in Cook County, IL, it's easy to understand why Democrats worried about retaining the black vote.

FBI COINTELPRO documents revealed the plan: on October 7, 1963, Attorney General Robert Kennedy -- the President's brother -- authorized the FBI to wiretap King's home and on October 10, his SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) Atlanta office. This wiretap authorization was done clandestinely. Since Dr. King was never suspected of committing any crimes, a Judge would not have authorized the government to wiretap his home and SCLC office.

On December 23, 1963, FBI headquarters held a nine-hour long conference. In a memorandum FBI Assistant Director Sullivan stated the conference was: "a complete analysis of the avenues of approach aimed at neutralizing King as an effective Negro leader" (p. 78). He recommended: "the FBI select a new 'national Negro leader' as Dr. King's successor" (p. 80), and named one. Sullivan stated this action "can and will be done." (Id). When confronted with this memorandum at the Church Committee Hearing Sullivan responded: "I'm very proud of this memorandum, one of the best memoranda I ever wrote." (p. 81).

The SCLC was labeled a "black hate group." This phony label justified the FBI's investigation of SCLC and Dr. King. J. Edgar Hoover himself stated that the goal of the activities against black hate groups should be to "prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify and electrify" the movement. In 1964 Hoover sent a letter to FBI COINTELPRO offices instructing agents to "expose, disrupt, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of black nationalist" groups such as the SCLC.

As Dr. King traveled to make speeches, FBI microphones were planted in his hotel rooms to record intimate conversations between King and women. (p.77). Tapes were mailed to King "with a warning which Dr. King and his associates interpreted as an invitation to suicide." (p. 105).

In 1967 as anti-Vietnam war protests dominated politics, rumor was that King and anti-war activist Dr. Spock (a famous pediatrician) might run for national office as peace candidates. (p.137). The King/Spock ticket would have attracted both black and anti-war voter support in the November 1968 election.

Just as the IRS is now using their tax-exempt status granting authority to suppress the campaign fundraising ability of non-Democratic groups, the IRS was used in the 1960s to harass Dr. King and his Southern Christian Leadership Conference. And while President Obama recently tried to immunize himself from the scandal, documents show that Democrats have used the IRS to harass political opponents for at least 50 years. The IRS investigated the tax returns of both Dr. King and the SCLC and found that all the tax returns will properly completed. (p.83).

The FBI continued its harassment of Dr. King: it wrote letters signed by phony names to relatives and friends, tried to dissuade two universities from giving him honorary doctoral degrees, and tried to dissuade the Pope from seeing him after he won the Nobel Peace Prize. The FBI also contacted potential donors, using fraudulent letters with forged Dr. King signatures, "advising the donors that the IRS was checking SCLC tax records." The purpose of this activity was to "cause concern and eliminate future contributions" by donors to the SCLC. (Id.)

For example, documents show that in October 1966 the FBI wanted a third party to contact the Ford Foundation's Director McGeorge Bundy and inform him of the "subversive backgrounds of King's principal advisers." (p. 135). However, Mr. Bundy rebuffed these rumors and the FBI's efforts to interfere with the Ford Foundations grant to the SCLC was thwarted.

Other potential donors were sent letters suggesting that Dr. King's alleged liaisons with women would put them in a bad light. Bill Moyers, now a PBS "liberal journalist" (media-speak for Democratic operative) was LBJ's personal assistant and approved distribution of an FBI memorandum summarizing tapes of Dr. King with women to Federal executive agencies and newspapers. (p. 93). He was rewarded with a lifetime career in Public Broadcasting, a position he still uses to criticize Republicans, Tea Party members, and others who may become threats to Democrats.

Unfortunately the history of the Democratic Party often reveals focused efforts to interfere with the free speech of opposition Party organizations. And in the case of Dr. King, Federal agencies and taxpayer dollars were used to smear his public image since he was not a Democrat. While the Watergate scandal of the early 1970s is considered to be a horrendous violation of Constitutional rights, Watergate was only about how a group of Nixon's campaign operatives broke into a Watergate office to find information relevant to the Democrats' campaign strategy. It was not a years-long effort that used the FBI, IRS, and other Federal agencies. There is no former Watergate operative who has worked at PBS for decades, suggesting that Democrats still use Federal agencies to get their message across to American voters. And the recent IRS scandal shows that Obama is still using the IRS to suppress opposition organizations. The NSA databank is still so tightly guarded that details of how it has been used to influence politics have not been revealed.