Common Core: What's in It for Bill Gates?

Why has Bill Gates spent millions of dollars to develop, promote, and fund the establishment of Common Core standards and testing in U.S. public schools? To set the record straight, Common Core is not about "core knowledge" but rather is the foundation for left-wing student indoctrination to create activists for the social justice agenda. Education is being nationalized, just like our healthcare, to eliminate local control over education, imposing a one-size-fits-all, top-down curriculum that will also affect private schools and homeschoolers. Being in the business of contributing to educational technologies for decades, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has a much vested interest in education. Great concern has been expressed over the years regarding the driving force behind Gates and his organizations, which have demonstrated unflagging support of many leftist causes. Lamenting that Obama's powers are too limited, Gates stated at a Politico event that, "Some days, I wish we had a...(Read Full Article)