Behavior, Power and Control, Racism and Playing the N Word Game

Within the field of Psychology there are known behavioral scripts that people act out. They are so common that psychologists and psychiatrists even give them numbers and it is said joke about them occasionally at parties. What's interesting and instructional about behavioral scripts is that there are two types that drive us: instinctual and learned. For example, drinking fluids and eating are basic instincts; selecting the fluids and foods that won't kill us or make us sick are behaviors we learn. Learned behaviors that become scripts are those that are common among us, like the ways we get out of doing chores we don't like, or get out of going to jobs we learn not to like, even imagining better lives when we complain about the ones we live. There were successful situational comedy programs based on common stereotypes, like I Love Lucy, Family Matters, Archie Bunker and many and others. It is also true that anyone feeling a lack of control in their life, because they have...(Read Full Article)