How Do We Fix Race Relations?

Many serious Americans are distressed by what they see going presently regarding matters of race. They are perplexed by the obvious anger and hatred directed by some against others, including examples of random people being beaten in various places following the Zimmerman verdict, "for Trayvon". They see entertainers boycott an entire state because of what the entertainers absurdly claim is racism, the result of a verdict in a grossly manipulated case in which the black "victim" purposefully initiated a beating on the "cracka" who then shot him. The jury wasn't fooled. The system worked, even if the malcontents did not get the result their prejudices demanded.

These tens of millions of serious Americans live good, decent, non-racist lives. They have been willing participants in the social reformation of our country, from what it was up to the 1960's, to what it is now. They embraced the message of Dr. King, and happily placed content of character over skin color, not because it would be risking wide-scale disapproval not to, but because it was right.

But these days, every time they turn on the television, it is as if the world they live in is a lie, and only white racism exists. Nor is this new. In fact, after so many cases of fabricated evidence and faked outrage, championed by the same pathetic cadre of pathological liars, many have begun to question exactly what process they have been part of for the last 50 years. Some have become disillusioned, realizing just how far apart the races have become despite their sincere efforts and intentions. Didn't everyone want the same thing? Wasn't this all supposed to be about equality?

The answer, quite obviously now, is "no". Everyone did not want the same thing, and the last 50 years have not been about equality. They have been about division, and the deliberate and heartless consolidation of power by American liberals at the expense of our black citizens.

If the question is, 'How can we fix race relations?' there is a simple answer. We can't. We who believe in equality didn't break the contract. We have never been welcome in the "national discussion" the left pretends to want because we are not willing to play their game. Our part, as seen by the left, is to endlessly admit to sins we have never committed, and to pay for those sins in whatever way liberal agitators demand. Honest people have come to understand that truth is not welcome in this discussion. Our role is to accept blame, show repentance, and pay up. Those who do not accept this role are falsely accused of wishing to perpetuate oppression that they neither practice nor see practiced by others like them.

It seems fair to say that we cannot solve what neither side can agree is occurring. Whites are not committing wholesale acts of racism, so conservatives, at least, cannot admit to this without lying. Because that is true, and because our country has made enormous strides in social enlightenment and in outlawing the vestiges of discrimination, blacks are not actually pursuing equality, and neither are their political representatives. That has already been achieved. For those who doubt this, remind yourself that we have a black president, an impossibility in a racist country.

Race relations in America now are purely about pursuing personal power, political power and votes. Those decrying a racism that has been almost entirely vanquished are pursuing nothing more than an advantage, which they represent as something to which they are entitled by prior discrimination. The entire purpose of punishing some for the presumed sins of others is to gain unjust leverage and power. Those being punished, due entirely to their skin color and not their deeds, must admit out of assumed guilt to the alleged sins of others, while those imposing the punishment, due entirely to their skin color, have no moral standing and inherently know that the penitent is not the offender. What, other than power sought and power surrendered, can explain the pure perversion of this exercise?

This is where liberal whites come in so handy. Because they have bought the lies, they enable the race-baiters and hustlers to ply their trade without risk of that honest debate we keep hearing about. They are the Salem Witchcraft judges, relying on spectral evidence because the righteousness of those who accuse of the evil of their enemies is presumed, despite all contrary evidence. They are awash in an ideology that demands that they confess guilt and accept punishment for the invisible crimes of mythical "others". Somehow, they fail to ponder that they have not personally witnessed what the aggrieved claims is there because it is not occurring.

Ours is not a racist country. No matter how many times the president and his attorney general pretend they were profiled as young, successful men minding their own business and behaving perfectly appropriately, we are not a country of white racists. America, in general, is neither oppressive nor evil, despite the belief system of liberals. This truth is self-evident to every other foreigner who longs to come here and make his own way, and does so successfully. Indeed, no other racial group or nationality complains of the prejudice and bigotry supposedly leveled against blacks because they are not conditioned to see it in everything that happens in their lives. Still, someone must be committing the racist sins that the hustlers and profiteers constantly tell liberals are being committed around the clock, right?

We live in the same world as the liberals, don't we? Do you see wholesale racism, discrimination, oppression, and mistreatment committed by whites, particularly conservative whites, against blacks? I mean real racism, not just holding different opinions or believing in different things. If it was so pervasive, wouldn't the media be tripping over itself to show it to us? Society has been on notice for the last 50 years that racism is unacceptable, and whites have certainly gotten the message. Willingly so. The majority of the country did not and still does not commit racist acts because we have no interest in doing so, regardless of the laws. Racism is a character flaw reserved for the weak-minded.

It is also an ingrained part of the code of liberalism. Whether you are a white who willingly believes in the racism of other whites you don't know, based on their skin color and your own bigotry, or a black who believes in the racism of whites for the same reasons, you will find a welcome home on the left. However, in considering what to do about race right now, this is not our biggest problem.

The left fails at many things, but demagoguery and destruction are not on that long list. For a generation, the left has sown seeds of hatred and disinformation within black communities. They have lied to blacks about their potential. They have quashed or destroyed opportunity. They have devastated black family structure. They have discouraged success and achievement. They have encouraged separateness and isolation from the greater society, punishing the acceptance of the fruits of citizenship by equating it with "selling out". They have fostered the moral and societal deterioration that has led to rampant crime and poverty. They have conditioned blacks to utter dependency, and in the bargain the blacks have gained nothing while their "leaders" and politicians have stolen all.

As a direct consequence of the exploitation of America's blacks by liberalism, there is nothing left but protesting and agitating for the benefits of freedom that lie in plain sight before them, but which their leaders tell them they cannot have. They are not being kept down by the country. America did not do this to them. Conservatives did not do this to them. The left did this to them, and they did it by design.

When sitting down with the architects of this malignant destruction, where can we even begin to have an honest debate about race in the United States? The damage is now so deep that many who live it do not remember when it was not this way, nor do they demand their freedom from their masters. The transformation of blacks into political slaves has been achieved. The left will never throw away that weapon to save them.

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