Hey Cowards, Let's Have a Conversation

I have worked with many couples in distress.  Initially, the work involves preventing conversation until the rhetoric of the relationship can be improved.  Happy couples mainly talk about their lives; unhappy couples mainly talk about each other.  In doomed relationships, couples use words to humiliate each other.  And as the doomed relationship collapses, the partners become more desperate to spew insults and make the other hear them.   Barack Obama and Eric Holder stand their ground together upon a framing of race so false and degrading that it would inevitably tear the American people apart.  Attorney General Holder used an utmost humiliating term in calling Americans cowards.  He did this with the approval of President Obama, who fully stands by his man each time Holder's wrecking ball takes a swing at the Constitution.  Holder's purpose in shaming Americans was to demonstrate his power as untouchable.  But Holder's abusive language,...(Read Full Article)