Global Jihad Is Here

"Global jihad is at our doorstep," said the head of Israel's Military Intelligence this week.

Unlike our media and politicians, Major-General Aviv Kochavi is paid to see reality without fear or favor, and to tell it like it is.

American conservatives have thought so at least since the Twin Towers bombing in 2001, and some, like Andy McCarthy, have known it since the Blind Sheikh tried to truck-bomb the World Trade Center in 1993.

In fact, historians may date the start of the Global Jihad to October 1979 -- to the Islamic Revolution in Iran, after Jimmy Carter betrayed our loyal ally the shah of Iran to the most cruel and oppressive reactionary ideology in the world.  That was the first major explosion of Muslim imperialism in modern times.  Iran is now moving toward nukes and missile production, with the quiet consent of Barack Hussein Obama.

Today, the most radical rebel faction in Syria has declared that it wants to establish an Islamic caliphate there.  The other word for "caliphate" is "empire," and Islam is an imperialistic ideology, just as surely as Soviet Communism and the Nazis.

Being Muslims, we do not believe in political parties or parliamentary elections, but rather in an Islamic regime ... Our heading towards the establishment of Islamic law (Sharia) is jihad in Allah's way.

Yes, yes, we know all that. Same old, same old.  Even Obama is reportedly trying to knock out this particular gang of fanatics, in the delusional belief that the others are any different.

Treachery and deception are basic in war, and the global jihad has been marked by both of those from 1979 to today.  Jimmy Carter is still lying his head off about the global jihad he brought upon the world.  For eight years Bill Clinton knew all about Osama bin Laden but refused four opportunities to get rid of him.

Barack Hussein Obama has told the world that "[t]he future must not belong to those who slander the God of Islam."  A clearer statement of surrender is hard to imagine.

Our entire political class, including our filthy media, have colluded with mass-murdering regimes in the global jihad, just as they did during the Cold War and the beginning of World War II.

It is who they are.

It follows that telling the truth is the most "revolutionary act" today, as George Orwell said in another time of deception.  We need Winston Churchills today to tell the truth to the world.  There are always Churchills if you look for them, just as there are always Benedict Arnolds.  By now we can spot them.

That is why the real action today is in the conservative blogosphere, which is growing rapidly around the world.  The UK Daily Mail breaks more important stories about American politics than any mainstream "news" outfit in the United States.  India's prime minister is a free-market economist, and the Times of India often sounds like a mainstream conservative newspaper.  Canada is enjoying a swing to conservatism.

In fact if not in law, the Anglosphere is becoming real.  That is crucial, because every war turns on the will to win, and building up the will to resist requires an open conversation in an open society.

The global jihad is a worldwide war, the fourth global war since World War I.  That also means that we need a worldwide military and ideological defense.  We have natural ideological allies all over the world, just as there are treacherous back-stabbers all over the world.

Telling a suppressed truth is always clarifying.  It allows us to see the enemy clearly, and to identify his de facto allies.  It tells us who we are, and who is with us in this generational challenge to our values and our survival as a nation.  Like the FDR administration, which was penetrated by Soviet intelligence at or near the very top, the Obama administration is penetrated by the global jihad and its friends on the Western left.  We are seeing a new Hitler-Stalin pact, fully as serious as the one in 1938, which meant the betrayal of Poland, and soon, the final rush to open war.

Obama is what he is, and no honest person can pretend ignorance anymore.  It's all over the web.  Every government in the world knows, and all of them are acting accordingly.  Some nations are exploiting the internal war in the West, like Putin and China's Xi.  Others are trying to save themselves, knowing that Obama may betray them just as he betrayed Hosni Mubarak, who kept the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty for 30 years.  And yet others are covering their posteriors as best as possible, while burying their heads in the sand -- an acrobatic posture that has been perfected by the 28 nations of the European Union.

All of the world's nations are now aggressors, appeasers, or truth-tellers.

American conservatives are feeling deeply discouraged by the last election, in which Obama's corrupt IRS played a treacherous, unconstitutional, illegal, and grossly immoral role.

This is the Chamberlain Appeasement moment of the jihad war.  To a desperate Winston Churchill, Chamberlain's surrender to Hitler was the lowest point.  Just two years later, in May of 1940, Churchill became the prime minister.  The long years of self-deception finally gave way to the truth.

Peace is good; war is bad; defeat and surrender are the worst.  Conservatives are truth-tellers, and seeing another chapter in the madness of the left makes us feel angry and discouraged.  But history is full of these moments: sly aggressors, self-deceived "peace"-makers, back-stabbers, and truth tellers.

Our job is only to tell the truth.

Don't let your friends and family members get away with that mental dodgeball they do.  Better lose your friends than lose the country.  About thirty percent of American voters  are firm conservatives.  If we only tell the truth, over and over again, we will break the stranglehold the left holds on the American mind.

Churchill's words apply to us today:

Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never -- in nothing, great or small, large or petty -- never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

Pass it on.

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