Blue Privilege

One of the most seminal guilt-control mechanisms of the academic anti-American movement is a notion of "White privilege." White privilege is a rhetorical construct suggesting that those with understood fairer complexions derive inordinate preference and opportunity throughout life and society. White guilt advocacy has its own PSAs and activism bracelets. Of course the designation of "white" is controlled and perhaps manipulated by another more important color group: the Blues. The manipulation is apparent in the New York Times special creation of 'White Hispanic' George Zimmerman. The blues decide, among so many things in our culture, who is white and who is not. Many people were surprised to find out recently from Bill Richardson -- who may or may not have played professional baseball -- that Senator Ted Cruz is not hispanic. His opposition to immigration legislation allows Bill Richardson and so many others like him, to exercise the truly important privilege that governs America today: Blue privilege.

Blue privilege drives our discussions provided by elites in these blue fields of journalism, academia, and Hollywood. For their purposes, the public deliberations about the IRS, Benghazi, Islamic radicalism, and Fox news journalist surveillance are shaped by preparation for the next blue President-- Hillary Clinton. The stripping of Ted Cruz from his non-white designation is an important step toward the privilege of selecting the next American president. Blues derive an intrinsic native political superiority to other beings. Their special sense of care, compassion, and best ideas of what to do with other people's money and resources confers special public privileges that most of us do not enjoy. Blues are exempt from social expectations of apology and humility that surround public misconduct. For example, Bill Clinton faced allegations from several women that he publicly assaulted, harassed or raped them. He remains a blue elite political rock star championing a party for the 'rights of women.' Anthony Weiner, while married to a powerful blue woman, is preferred by blue women over a female candidate in New York, despite recently texting sexual photos of himself to young women. On the other hand, if a largely unknown non-blue politician hypothesizes about how rape does not lead to pregnancy, then that is rather egregious and needs to be understood for the outrageous contempt of women that it obviously is. Clinton, Spitzer, and Weiner are however, blues, so their conduct cannot retard (blues can use that word freely) the expansion of blue political power or their continued participation and privilege in this sphere. Blue privilege defines the present review of scandals besieging the Obama administration. Typically, misleading the public about the causes and sources of an American ambassador's death in Libya would bring with it considerable public censure and accountability. That is not the case in the world of blue privilege. In blue privilege, those questioning the motives of a blue president and the next blue president, Hillary Clinton, are the ones guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Consequently, we now have at the hands of our blue political psychologists, Obamaphobia -- the irrational fear of an African-American man being president of the United States. Most public criticism and resistance to the president can be usefully interpreted as racism rather than as a reasonable concern.

Blue privilege means that a variety of political procedures work to favor blues and disfavor non-blues. The IRS, for example, exerts considerable power over American citizens, as long noted by courts and other experts. Blue privilege means that Senators Reid and Franken can ask from the floor of Congress that anti-blues be investigated and brought to heel by the IRS. Senator Reid and other blue elite can discuss openly the ostensibly secret contents of tax filings of non-blues because this is their privilege. The First Amendment civil right of freedom of assembly is increasingly organized around a profound notion of blue privilege. Blue organizations can constitute themselves quickly and efficiently under the IRS codes and other federal procedures. Non-blue organizations cannot do this and should expect to face lengthy delays and procedural interrogations regarding their beliefs, prayers, and purposes for assembling.

As noted earlier, blue privilege controls other powerfully affective discursive controls such as 'white privilege.' American individuals who may not appear to be 'white,' but who are designated as white, include: Alan Keyes, Ken Blackwell, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Ted Cruz, and George Zimmerman. This can also affect the political world of gender politics often signified by the color pink. Women who are not women because of blue privilege include: Michelle Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Christine O'Donnell, and millions of unborn women. Being removed from the category of pink provides social confirmation for acts of symbolic and actual violence against these women. Whether burning Palin's church with women and children inside, physically assaulting Ann Coulter, or sex selecting women for death in the womb, there is 'violence against women' and then there is blue privilege. Many politicos fear that the worst designation in today's politically correct world is "white." That is not true. The failure to be blue is actually a more serious and significant social failing in the 21st century political world. If Keyes, Blackwell, Thomas, Cain, Cruz, and Zimmerman were blue they could then actually be accepted as black, brown, or even purple. The same is true in the pink category for Bachmann, Malkin, Coulter, Palin, and O'Donnell. Blues decide the authenticity of ethnic colors and gender identities. Access to non-white categories is strictly limited and can be achieved only through ideological adherence recognized and acknowledged by blues.

Wealthy and affluent members of society and business can purchase exemptions from public censure typically accorded to ugly capitalists, by participating in and supporting blue advocacy. ATT's role in morally modifying the boy scouts is a recent example. In so doing, the wealthy can enjoy blue privilege. Failure of businesses and affluent social members to support such blue causes can be adverse to business and lead to boycotts and other forms of social intimidation. Many experts view white guilt, pink power, green eco power, or orange revolutions as the principal color powers of our time. But blue is the ultimate color of privilege.

Our nation is not principally threatened by any one particular scandal. Our way of life is jeopardized by an intellectual culture -- a blue Plato's Republic-- that not only excuses these crises but creates and manages them for further power and privilege-- 'not letting a good crisis go to waste.' Now is a good time for Blues to acknowledge, confirm and confess their innate social privilege and for those under their rule to rise up in resistance.

Ben Voth is an associate professor of communication studies and director of debate at Southern Methodist University


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