And the Oscar Goes to...Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin!

Through their nakedly deceptive public speaking tours, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, parents of Trayvon Martin, are all but ensuring that a high percentage of American black males will continue to end up in the cradle-to-prison pipeline.  By glorifying their son's lifestyle, they push young wayward blacks away from the truth and into further trouble.

If ever there was a case to be made that some black parents bear responsibility for their kids' criminal behavior, Martin's and Fulton's debut on the national stage proves it.

I understand that blaming racism is much more lucrative than admitting you failed to provide a morally stable environment for your child, but the duo's latest public appearances have morphed beyond mere opportunism and denial into Oscar-worthy performances.

Tracy and Sybrina are like actors whose private lives are the opposite of the wonderful, moral, and honorable people they play on screen.  If not for sites like the Conservative Treehouse and, which uncovered background information and damning photos, the pair could win awards for best mom and dad of the year.

The couple didn't exactly make family values their top priority when little Trayvon was growing up.  Facebook postings showing Trayvon's message logs about concocting "lean," a codeine cocktail abused by rappers and others, and pictures with him flashing cash tell us the boy was headed in the wrong direction.  But you'd never know it from his father Tracy Martin's acting job at the first hearing of the Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys this past Wednesday, or from Sybrina Fulton's response on Thursday to juror B29's admission in various interviews that "George Zimmerman got away with murder." 

Martin told lawmakers he wants to start mentoring programs through his Trayvon Martin Foundation so that what happened to his son doesn't happen to other young black males.  But get this: it's not about baby-mamas, or womanizing fathers who spread their seed from one female to the next -- so much so that the kids spawned by these relationships have no idea whose house they should go to on any given day.  No, it's trying "to educate our communities on the Florida statutes, on the Florida laws ... that really we need to understand how these laws apply to ourselves."

It is the white man's laws that are to blame.  Mess around with women as much as you want, and have as many babies as you want outside marriage, or even abort them; taxpayers will foot the bill.  Just get rid of that Stand Your Ground nonsense. 

Besides the plug for his foundation and the promise to teach black males how to get one over on the rule of law, Martin touted himself as father of the year.

Just to have the life of your son taken away from you, when you've molded him to become an outstanding citizen of this country -- it's heart-wrenching. That's something that you can never get over.

If we take Mr. Martin at his word -- that he "molded" Trayvon into what he became -- and if he defines the wannabe gangsta son who was kicked out of his mother's house the day he died as an "outstanding citizen," then Martin shouldn't be anywhere near children.  But that's not what D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton thinks.  As one of the lawmakers in attendance, she articulated exactly what-race hustlers like Martin and his new BFFs are after.

We seek a society that doesn't define black men and boys, but allows African-American males the opportunity to define themselves as individuals.

Norton and Martin want black thugs and criminals to define themselves as the new normal.  The rest of us can just take a beating and hope we survive.  After all, it's our fault.  Look and act like gang-bangers?  Hands off, white people!  It's black "culture."  Mr. Martin's enthusiastic participation in this abomination gives us a good idea of why his own son was such a mess in the first place.

Not to be upstaged by Martin's gig as guest of honor on Capitol Hill, Sybrina Fulton was ready to go with her publicity op as soon as Juror B29 "Maddy" came out with her heartfelt remorse that she was unable to convince fellow jurors to find George Zimmerman guilty of murder.  Fulton immediately responded to the misleading media talking point (see that Maddy had said to Robin Roberts of ABC News, "George Zimmerman got away with murder."

After the ABC show on Thursday morning, and right on cue, Sybrina Fulton, who hasn't missed a stage direction since February 2012, came out with the following retort:

It is devastating for my family to hear the comments from juror B29, comments which we already knew in our hearts to be true. That George Zimmerman literally got away with murder.

This new information challenges our nation once again to do everything we can to make sure that this never happens to another child. That's why Tracy and I have launched The Trayvon Martin Foundation to try and take something very painful and negative and turn it into something positive as a legacy to our son.

The rising star Fulton calls the juror's remarks "new information" thus continuing the ruse that Maddy actually came up with the headline phrase by herself. Comparing the original video with the edited one from Nightline, you can see that Roberts planted the words into Maddy's mouth and Maddy was simply repeating what she heard because she appeared to be thinking about whether she agreed or not.

Fulton is not interested in turning the death of her son into anything but an opportunity to get the focus off herself.  Her son's rage-filled, vulgar, sexual meanderings online as well as his anti-social behavior are a reflection of her lousy parenting, and she knows it.  But it was a good distraction that this tragedy happened under a half-black Alinskyite who knew just how to politicize the death of a kid and how to put the mother in the spotlight.

The truth is that Fulton and Martin are contributing to the demise of future Trayvons by all this playacting.  If Sybrina wants to talk about God using her, then she needs to fess up and testify about what really happened to her son.  Daddy Martin should go tell boys in the black community not to do what he did.  He needs to tell them to lay off the premarital sex; have respect for themselves, women, and the law; stop being dependent on government handouts; stop acting and looking like a thug; work hard; and get married before having children.

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