Unfinished Song (aka Song For Marion) -- a Film Review

Directed by Paul Andrew WilliamsStarring Gemma Arterton, Vanessa Redgrave, Christopher Eccleston, Terence Stamp, Anne Reid, Calita RainfordThis being a London-based film about adjusting to infirmity, ageing and the rough edge of personality mismatching, Terence Stamp (umpteen bad guys, tough guys, mean guys through a 45-year career nowhere near terminus) and Vanessa Redgrave (a well-known real-life rebel, contrarian, anti-person and grump) are the mismatch couple of the day. But they love each other despite his incurable grouch and her eternal optimism and radiant love. In her wheelchair and woolly hat, she's the pet of the elderly chorus. Vanessa (as Marion), looking ancient and haggard, is a prime member of a sweet chorus of old-age pensioners led charismatically and lovingly by a terrific newcomer to the silver screen, Gemma Atherton, a pleasure to watch no matter what she does or says. Her irascible (still entirely handsome) grizzly husband of many years, Arthur, tolerates her...(Read Full Article)