The Totalitarian Left is Back

The New York Times is the fountainhead of the Leftist propaganda machine in the United States. It is therefore significant that its Editorial Board, stocked with Boomer radicals, has just made a fundamental admission against interest. In reaction to Obama's massive and systematic abuse of executive power, the NYT editorialized that

Mr. Obama is proving the truism that the executive branch will use any power it is given and very likely abuse it. That is one reason we have long argued that the Patriot Act, enacted in the heat of fear after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by members of Congress who mostly had not even read it, was reckless in its assignment of unnecessary and overbroad surveillance powers.

But this is of course a lie. Nothing in the Patriot Act authorizes the government-wide abuse of power by the IRS, EPA, FBI, DOJ, and other agencies with the coercive powers against Americans and foreigners. The fault is not in the Patriot Act, but in Obama's Chicago-style one-party machine style of governance. And rather than defending our freedoms, the leftist media colluded with abuse of power until after the election of 2012. The New York Times is the biggest gear in the Obama Machine and they know it.

Contrary to the last desperate defense spun by the Times, the Bush Administration never abused the press immunities of reporters; it never used the IRS to initiate hostile investigations of its domestic political enemies, no matter how poisonous and hateful those enemies became; it did not peddle the massive transnationalist fraud of global warming through the EPA; it did not aggress against private corporations as a routine practice; it did not blackmail medical corporations to fund its piratical takeover of 1/7 of the American economy just to benefit its own political clout; it did not practice billion-dollar corruption for its favorite corporate cronies; it did not abuse the coercive powers of the Department of Justice in pursuit of a racialist revenge agenda; it did not indulge in daily White House lies the way Mr. Obama does; and it did not try to establish a Chicago political machine at the Federal level.

Moreover, Republicans never publicly wish for one-party rule in the United States, the way prominent Democrats do so often. They do not engage in monopolistic media collusion, as exposed by the under-covered Journolist scandal. Republicans never engage in the vicious high-tech mob lynching of good and decent human beings, the way the radical Left has done so many times, from Justice Clarence Thomas to the racialist outcry against Hillary and Bill Clinton at the Democratic Convention of 2008.

Since the Boomer Left conducted its concealed Long March through the Institutions of the 1970s and 80s to conquer the organs of propaganda in the United States and Europe, the radical left has pursued a near-totalitarian agenda. The result has been a gradual coup d'etat that is visible in the one-party reign of Europe's new appointive ruling class, retaining only the outer mask of electoral legitimacy. In America we have seen the same concealed coup through the regular abuse of racial, gender, ideological, and sexualist preferences in hiring and promotion in government, education, and media. The result is not totalitarian in the killing sense, not yet -- but it is totalitarian in spirit, because its aim is total control over the lives of a free people.

The New York Times hides this reality to cover up its own complicity in the radical Long March through the Institutions, the most important operating manual for the Boomer Left next to Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. It was "Pinch" Sulzberger, after all, who introduced ideological hiring and editorial corruption of a formerly decent (though leftist and politicized) newspaper. Pinch is a Boomer radical, and he brought in his own kind to bring the standards of reporting at the Times to its lowest level in modern history. Faithful readers of the Times are either abandoning it in droves or are clinging to it in a pure act of faith that has no basis in adult reality.

The totalitarian left is not new in American life, and we have survived previous outbreaks of this plague. That does not mean we will survive the current assault, however, since, like the HIV virus, each outbreak learns from the mistakes of the previous one.

Before Joe McCarthy there was Josef Stalin, and the McCarthyist campaign against Communist infiltration makes no sense without understanding the threat of Stalin. FDR's advisor Harry Hopkins is now known to have hopped into a KGB car driving around Washington, and FDR himself surrendered much of Europe to Stalin's Soviet Empire at Yalta, against Churchill's urgent advice. The Manhattan Project was penetrated by Soviet agents, including German physicist Klaus Fuchs, who stole nuclear secrets and went back to East Germany in triumph to become a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Fuchs' nuclear espionage was hardly disguised. He was given a medal for it. Even the left admits today that the Rosenbergs and the Cambridge spies in Britain were Soviet agents. France was even worse, if anything. West Germany's governments were penetrated by East German spies. Vladimir Putin was the Soviet KGB head in East Germany.

Call that Chapter 1 of the totalitarian left in America. It did much harm, but the country survived.

After FDR died, the American public rebelled against Stalinist penetration of American institutions, especially after the Soviets exploded nuclear devices based on plans stolen from the Manhattan Project. Anti-communism drove the Stalinist left out of public life, and gave room to mainstream liberals to flourish. The liberal AFL-CIO drove out Stalinists, and Ronald Reagan (an FDR Democrat) came face to face with Stalinists in Hollywood when he was president of the Screen Actors' Guild. That experience shaped the rest of his life.

Chapter 2 of the new totalitarian left came to a head in 1968, both here and in Europe, when a new generation of totalitarians staged a comeback. This is hardly a secret anymore. Bill Ayers was one of them: "Kill your parents" being one of his contributions to the lexicon of political philosophy. Saul Alinsky provided the working manual, Rules for Radicals, which guides this administration more than the Constitution. Like the Stalin generation, New Left totalitarians want a one-party system -- it could be called the Democratic Party, since "democracy" is also a lie for the Left.

Since radical leftists -- the Stalinists of yore -- like to celebrate their victories. The New York Times nowadays celebrates the passing of yet another good old Stalinist whenever one kicks the bucket. As for the New Left totalitarians, they were the Sixties radicals who received decades of worship from our radicalized media.
Barack H. Obama is a lifelong product of the radical left, beginning with his communist mother, his Kenyan biological father, and his Hawaiian mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, the race hater and porn writer, who was the Communist Party representative in Hawaii. Frank Davis lived in rage against whites, particularly Americans. Obama picked up much of the same racialist biases. Barry Soetoro lived in the heated aftermath of the Indonesian Civil War, where Muslims, Communists, and the military slaughtered each other by the hundreds of thousands.

Obama looks foreign to Americans because ideologically he is foreign. Marxism is a product of European imperialism of the 19th century, updated by Lenin, Stalin, Mao and all the rest. It is a wacky totalitarian dream; it is not an American set of beliefs; it is profoundly alien to American values.

The Sixties Left gained power using its semi-secret March Through the Institutions, as prescribed by Italian Communist ideologue Antonio Gramsci. In the U.S., the radical left was able to drive a stake through the Equal Protection clause, first for black people, then for women, gays, Muslim "victims," and coming soon, for illegal immigrants. The newly-privileged rulers instantly created a corrupt spoils system, in which only they were given crucial jobs in education, media, and government. That racial leftist spoils system still rules the United States, which is why we are in the fix we see today.

We even know who runs the party line propaganda machine, through the "Journolist" leaks, which saw the UK Guardian (home of the totalitarian left in the UK) sitting at the same electronic table with the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all the other degraded journolistas. Hundreds of times Rush Limbaugh has played the identical words coming from different sock puppets at NBC, CBS, ABC, and the other imitation media. Those identical words are no accident. They are the same because the source and control mechanism is the same. Europe is run by the same gang. The UK Guardianista who sits at the Journolist table coordinates the socialist party line with Der Spiegel and Liberation, and with all the little media outlets that peddle the EUSSR Party Line.

The radical left is now in power in both America and Europe, and whenever they get a chance they act as totalitarians. The single euro currency and the global warming fraud were produced by the same radical ruling class. In America the racial spoils system is used to divide and conquer the country by race, gender, sexual habits, and all the rest. The Supreme Court has surrendered equal rights before the law. The Court claims it is a temporary relief to make up for slavery and Jim Crow. But the totalitarian left will never give up the giant axe it can now wield to cut down the Constitution. There will never be a solution to "racism" as defined by the left because there will never be an end to its lust for power.

The totalitarian left is reflected in Obama's purposeful abuse of the IRS, the FBI (in spying on journalists), the National Security Council (in making secret alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida), the EPA (in conniving in massive "global warming" extortion). Obama believes in a Democrat Machine to govern the United States, just the way it runs Chicago.

Obama has nothing but contempt for the democratic opposition, and shows it every chance he gets. When Obama was asked whether Congress should not even be consulted after the US-NATO assault on Libya, his reply was to laugh. He does not hide his contempt for the Constitution and for electoral democracy. It now appears that the Bamster has never won an election without leaking legally secret information about his opponents, either sealed divorce records, or, as now seems likely, sealed IRS information about Romney donors.

What the country is facing today is therefore not some accidental mistakes made by a well-intentioned U.S. administration. We are facing a totalitarian ideology driven from the top.

The Stalin time was bad. The Obama time is bad. American democracy recovered from the Stalin period. Will we recover from Obama?

Nobody knows the answer today.