The IRS, the NSA, and Obama's Dirty Tricks

The recent IRS and NSA scandals reveal that the Federal government, during the first term of President Obama, used the IRS to weaken the political campaigns of Obama's opponents, and that the NSA collected and stored personal information on virtually all Americans under the guise of national security.

The IRS scandal proved that Federal agents refused 501(c)3 and (c)4 status to conservative political groups. That tax-exempt status was needed for political groups to receive donations. The Supreme Court has ruled that campaign donations -- to any political group or party -- are free speech. The IRS then, by denying tax exempt status only to applicants who had the words 'Tea Party" or "Patriot" in their names -- denied those groups their First Amendment right to free speech.

Furthermore, these IRS officials also violated the rights of these conservative groups to protection under the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment states that all persons in the United States are guaranteed equal treatment under the law. What is particularly disturbing is that IRS employees gave 95% of their campaign donations to Democrats.

The president, who is in charge of the IRS, oversaw an agency that actively denied his political opponents their Constitutional rights. He appointed the head of the IRS, met with him 157 times during the years of his first term, yet denies any direct involvement. The Democratic Party is very quick to assert connections whenever Republicans are involved. Dick Cheney had been the president of Halliburton, a maker of oil drilling equipment. So when the U.S. invaded Iraq the media did not hesitate to assert that there was an oil connection -- Dick Cheney wanted to make money for his former corporation.

The president has a history of denying opportunity to his political opponents. When he first ran for the office of state senator in Illinois, the incumbent candidate was Alice Palmer. Although though she is a Democrat, Barack Obama did not want any opposition to his candidacy, even from his own party,

To eliminate opposition, he enlisted teams of lawyers to examine and disqualify the ballot petition signatures of Alice Palmer and others on the ballot. He was so successful (he studied law at Harvard Law School) that he was able to have all of his opponents removed from the ballot. So when he ran for the state senate seat he ran unopposed. He denied Alice Palmer the opportunity to run for public office.

The NSA -- the National Security Agency -- admitted that it has been involved in spying on Americans. Their huge Utah data center is a storage house of personal information on almost all Americans. This information can be used to attack political opponents, and Barack Obama has not been reluctant to attack opponents for their personal behavior, even when the information is illegally/improperly obtained.

For example, when Illinois Republican Peter Fitzgerald resigned his U.S. Senate seat in 2004, Barack Obama sought to win that Republican senate seat to enter national politics. To attack Jack Ryan, the DNC sought personal information that they could use to smear him. Jack Ryan had been recently divorced. The court record showed that his wife alleged that he engaged in some unethical marital behavior. But both Ryan and his wife wanted the allegations, which she herself said were not relevant to his ability to govern, to be sealed. But the pro-Democratic news media wanted to see what was in those files, so against the wishes of both Jack Ryan and his wife a Judge released the Ryan divorce file even though there was no legal reason to do so. This violated the privacy of the Ryan family.

Similarly, when Obama conducted his campaign against Mitt Romney his party operatives found steelworker Joe Soptic, whose wife contracted cancer five years after Soptic was let go by a company that Romney's firm, Bain Capital, had closed. They ran national ads portraying Romney as an uncaring person who denied the woman cancer treatment. The facts showed that she did not have cancer at the time Romney was involved. Nevertheless the ads ran.

The reason the IRS targeted only conservative fundraising groups is that the Tea Party defeated both Republican and Democratic candidates in the 2010 primaries. Their victories in Congressional races took the Democratic majority away from the House of Representatives. This infuriated President Obama and his goal ever since has been to get the House majority back, something that now seems virtually impossible.

This ties into the NSA's unconstitutional wiretapping of tens of millions of Americans.

The NSA collection of data also has a political motivation. Since the NSA is clearly violating the Fourth Amendment and the Patriot Act, the information they are gathering cannot be used in court. It would be very difficult for the government to prosecute a terrorist -- and Obama wants terrorists prosecuted in criminal court -- if the information they obtained violated their rights. Proof of this is the fact that Obama wanted the Boston bomber to be given a lawyer and Miranda rights. So the investigation of the Boston bombing case -- an investigation likely to yield important information about the terrorist network in the U.S. -- was stopped by none other than the president, who claimed the NSA wiretapping is necessary only for national security.

Since Obama has already demonstrated a no-holds-barred approach to defeating both Democratic Machine candidates in Chicago and Republicans in general, one can reasonably conclude that the NSA data on persons is being gathered in large part to attack political opponents. And not just by Obama, but by any Democrat in the country who can use this information.

He can't blame the Patriot Act on President Bush: the act expired in March 2011; Congressional Democrats had to vote to keep the Patriot Act and Obama had to approve its reauthorization. Additionally, Section 215 of the Patriot Act clearly states that only phone calls or other communication with a foreign connection can be tapped. There is no authorization to tap into electronic communications between domestic residents of the U.S.

The Jack Ryan case proves that Democrats are not above using the legal system and personal information in campaigns of national significance. And most importantly, it proves a solid connection to President Obama. This provides a model how the NSA data already collected can be used in smear to political opponents in future national elections.

Barack Obama's tactics reveal a new level of electoral cheating; he does not steam open mail-in ballots like Chicago does, he now uses the IRS to deny them campaign money. He does not scream and yell obscenities and make accusations, he uses DNC political action groups to run TV ads. And now he has the NSA to dig up personal information to potentially smear his opponents.

Given these facts, that Obama insists on criminal prosecution of terrorists, that he lawyered-up the Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and gave him the protections only used by defendants in criminal court, and that he has a history of personal attacks against his political opponents, it is reasonable to conclude that the NSA's PRISM program is being used largely for political ends. It is another exercise of Obama's use of campaign dirty tricks -- only now he has Federal resources.