Rumors of the Demise of Conservatism are Sorely Exaggerated

Dinner conversation with a group of conservative activist friends could be pretty depressing if I were not, as they jokingly refer to me, an "eternal optimist" -- a badge I wear with honor.  My optimism is not a refusal to face reality.  My optimism is rooted in 60-something years of life experiences and faith in God.  I am idiotic enough to believe God's word when it says "in everything give thanks."  Call me crazy, naïve, and silly, but no matter how bad the situation, I look for the blessing. Realizing that some "smart" people will think this ridiculously optimistic, I have learned that sometimes God gives good gifts in ugly packages.  In other words, opportunity often appears disguised as a problem.  Maintaining an attitude of gratitude has gotten me through extremely challenging times. As corny and clichéd as they sound, song lyrics such as "The sun will come out tomorrow" and "What a difference a day makes" are true.  On countless...(Read Full Article)