Another Race-based Show Trial Turns Into Farce

1.The Sound of Wet Grass: Black Racists' War on Black Women

The Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case has come to trial this week and the best thing that's been said about it is from Thomas Maguire: "I'm proud to say I live in a country where the show trials look more like an SNL [Saturday Night Live] skit."

You probably won't know that if your source of information about the trial is the mainstream media and if your lifestyle doesn't permit you to sit in front of the TV for hours watching the trial. Instead, go to Legal Insurrection, a blog site run by Clinical Law Professor William A. Jacobson, where a defense counsel, Andrew Branca, has been summarizing the trial day by day with video snippets to illustrate his points, or Talk Left where Jeralyn Merritt , a noted defense counsel, has been dissecting this nothingburger of a case.

As the Friday hearing drew to a close, Branca reported the effective end of the prosecution's misbegotten case:

A neighbor, John Good, who witnessed the fight between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman has just devastated the State's case, testifying that he saw the fight between the two, that Trayvon was on top punching Mixed Martial Arts style, and that the scream must have come from Zimmerman because Zimmerman was on the bottom and Trayvon was faced away from the witness.

To date, the prosecution has put on a number of witnesses who also confirm Zimmerman's account of events. There's not one shred of evidence that supports the prosecution's view of the case. "Taps" should have been the background music for the key prosecution witness "Dee Dee" whose real name turns out to be Rachel Jeantel. She was on the phone with Trayvon when the incident occurred and her letter to Trayvon's mother purportedly describing the events and her deposition by the Martin's attorney, Crump, form the heart of the prosecution's case. Her testimony was conceded to be false at several points and the remainder collapsed on cross-examination. Rick Ballard said in the middle of her testimony that he pictured the prosecution "laying back in a nice warm bath this evening, straight razor in hand, trying to remember the exact location of jugular veins and carotid arteries."

It turns out the letter the prosecution relied on was written by someone else, and while Jeantel signed it she cannot even read the cursive in which it was written. The Martins' counsel choreographed her account of the events and he misled the Court about the circumstances.

The prosecution also was exceedingly unprofessional, while taking pretrial testimony from her, in having her make her statement in the presence of Trayvon's mother whom she was manipulated into "helping" by tailoring her testimony to make it possible for the state to come up with this factually unsubstantiated murder charge. The prosecution was forced to concede at trial that the witness lied numerous times and if you watch her in this exchange -- just one example of her performance -- you can see why the statements of a not very smart witness coached and manipulated to say things that are untrue rarely survive decent cross examination: She had said that she could hear the sound of "wet grass" when the tussle began. She was asked to describe what wet grass sounds like and was dumbfounded.

But more important than her lies and incoherence was her admission that she didn't know who threw the first punch, and if she didn't, with what did the prosecutors hope to prove the shot wasn't fired in self-defense? As the week ends there is not a shred of credible evidence from the state of Florida to counter Zimmerman's self-defense assertion. Not one shred of evidence. For this a perfectly innocent man 's life has been ruined and he and his family impoverished. Let that sink in.

The prosecution deserves to be tarred forever with this unjust prosecution. So should the Department of Justice, the race baiters who promoted it to keep the black voters stirred up in time for Obama's reelection. Recall Obama himself saying if he had a son he'd have looked like Trayvon, and the hundreds of marchers in hoodies carrying signs demanding this prosecution and carrying signs with angelic pictures of Trayvon as a kid, not as he was on the night of the murder -- a large man with a drug habit and a record of thuggery.

No one mentions that like Tawana Brawley and Crystal Mangnum, Rachel Jeantel was exploited by her own people -- Crump and Sharpton and Jackson, who so tarnish the legacy of the civil rights movement by manipulating limited black women to lie for their own political and economic ends, despite the humiliation they bring upon these women when the facts finally are made clear. And after perfectly innocent people have suffered.

2.Throwing Stones and Race Hustler Justice

Jeantel's testimony hurt the case and the race baiters' drumbeating in other ways as well.

In contrast to the claim that Zimmerman (ludicrously dubbed the "white Hispanic" by the press) was motivated by race -- something even Crump has now tiptoed away from -- the only evidence of racism is Trayvon's.

Jeantel testified that Trayvon called Zimmerman what we so ludicrously in an age of widespread profanity call "the n-word" and characterized him as a "creepy ass cracker." She made it clear that both terms were regularly used in "her culture."

At the very same time that Paula Deen was being vilified for being a racist and her endorsements and TV show being stripped from her, people rushed in to defend Jeantel's racism.

This kind of double standard is not helping race relations. It engenders contempt for those who employ it. As proof I point to the fact that Deen's latest book, not yet on the shelves, has raced to Number 1 on Amazon. It's the public's way of saying to the elites they are not buying this story line of innocent blacks in a racist society. But the race hustlers and their political beneficiaries have profited so long from this foolishness that there are substantial fears of nationwide rioting if the lynching in Florida is cancelled -- and it surely will because no sane jury will convict. Will the Department of Justice, which also stirred the Trayvon pot, now act to protect the innocent when the case fails and the riots it had a role in take place, hurting even more innocent victims? J. Christian Adams writes:

Right now, hanging on the door of a federal employee's office in the Department of Justice Voting Section is a sign expressing racial solidarity with Trayvon Martin. What this has to do with the Department of Justice is perhaps a mystery, but not to me.

One might ponder why the Justice Department Civil Rights Division rushed to Florida in the first place and took sides once the racial furnace was sufficiently stoked. When Eric Holder's old pal from D.C. (and a Philadelphia court case), New Black Panther chieftain Malik Zulu Shabazz, called for a 10,000 strong black-male mob to seize George Zimmerman, we knew what was in store.

It wasn't going to be justice.

But Justice came to Florida anyhow, in the form of the Community Relations Service of Eric Holder's DOJ. Instead of calming the racial tensions, the DOJ took sides. Instead of calming the mob, the DOJ joined it -- providing training for the mob and even arranging a police escort.

This is justice, race-hustler style. When Malik Zulu Shabazz demands blood, Eric Holder arrives to deliver a more moderate face to mob anger.

But notice Holder never condemned the calls for vigilantism. Why would he? We've learned Holder's sense of justice depends on what the parties look like. He never has a discouraging word for certain agitators, including Malik Zulu Shabazz.

3. Obama and his Friends Still Playing the White Guilt Card

To illustrate the effect of sloppy media thinking and the double standard in reporting you need go no further than to look at this Friday's Washington Post, where Melinda Henneberger, who quite obviously knows nothing about affirmative action or the Supreme Court's decision on the Voting Rights Act, penned this sentence notably illogical, wishy-washy, and baseless:

we're also clicking on the Deen-athon because the "Oprah of food," as one of the cook's 2.7 million Facebook fans calls her, is a symbol and a symptom -- a walking, talking, crying and deep-frying reminder of how much we still need both affirmative action and a fully functional Voting Rights Act.

At the same time her colleague at the paper, Eugene Robinson, to whom everything is still always Selma and whites always racist and blacks always innocent, writes to keep the race wars alive. He accuses Deen of being stuck in the past on race while missing the log in his own eye -- here he is on the Trayvon Martin case:

For every black man in America, from the millionaire in the corner office to the mechanic in the local garage, the Trayvon Martin tragedy is personal. It could have been me or one of my sons. It could have been any of us.

How many George Zimmermans are out there cruising the streets? How many guys with chips on their shoulders and itchy fingers on the triggers of loaded handguns? How many self-imagined guardians of the peace who say the words "black male" with a sneer?

Meanwhile, the Obamas are on a hundred-million dollar trip to Africa, with Friday's papers featuring them looking out of the Goree Island Historical Museum in Senegal which is likely not what it is said to be -- an old slave transport facility. Fitting that they should pick this pretend site to further stir racism and encourage a continuation of the white guilt -- in most cases utterly unwarranted and in any event not productive -- that saw Barack win two elections. Michelle Obama's Mirror:

Only in America

...could a man whose African forebears sold blacks into slavery and whose American forebears owned slaves marry a woman whose lineage includes both slaves and slave owners.