A Baby in the Womb at Five Months, and Then There's Wendy Davis

Go ahead.  Follow this link to an illustration of a baby in his mother's womb at five months.  At the same website, see this video of a real baby moving inside his mother at 29 weeks.  But neither the five-month-old baby nor the 29-week-old baby is a baby, according to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, whom the reliably liberal Washington Post tags as rising to stardom in the Democratic Party.  Davis did so by filibustering a bill to prohibit abortions past 20 weeks in Texas. Check that about Davis not thinking a baby is a baby after 20 weeks.  Davis would likely say both are babies at a woman's discretion.  But if not babies, per a woman's judgment, then both are disposable in the procedure known as late-term abortion.  A human is human only if chosen (so goes the ethos of abortion advocates).  Playing God is the province of increasingly godless leftists (or liberals, if you prefer), among whom reside most abortion proponents. ...(Read Full Article)