A Baby in the Womb at Five Months, and Then There's Wendy Davis

Go ahead.  Follow this link to an illustration of a baby in his mother's womb at five months.  At the same website, see this video of a real baby moving inside his mother at 29 weeks. 

But neither the five-month-old baby nor the 29-week-old baby is a baby, according to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, whom the reliably liberal Washington Post tags as rising to stardom in the Democratic Party.  Davis did so by filibustering a bill to prohibit abortions past 20 weeks in Texas.

Check that about Davis not thinking a baby is a baby after 20 weeks.  Davis would likely say both are babies at a woman's discretion. 

But if not babies, per a woman's judgment, then both are disposable in the procedure known as late-term abortion.  A human is human only if chosen (so goes the ethos of abortion advocates).  Playing God is the province of increasingly godless leftists (or liberals, if you prefer), among whom reside most abortion proponents.    

Of course, barbarism is barbarism no matter how eloquently rationalized and advanced.  Abortion is gussied up barbarism.  Late-term abortion is simply a more flagrant act of child-killing.  What makes late-term abortion so vividly and compellingly repulsive is that a baby is indisputably human by appearance and activity. 

Thanks to advances in medical science, viability for late-term babies outside the womb is improving.   But that's a bit of a red herring, anyway, for a baby is quite viable in the environment provided by nature and nature's God: a womb.  A child is no less a child in the warm and nurturing environment of amniotic fluids than a child born to the wider world. 

Abortion proponents' argument that abortion on the heels of inception is merely the removal of a cluster of cells has given way to arguments, for all practical purposes, for abortion without boundaries.  Abortion advocates have been slipping down the slippery slope toward abortion without limits for quite a while now.  And the slipping is being done more publicly and brazenly, and to the applause and accolades of liberal America.  As a state senator, Barack Obama favored late-term abortion.    

Davis is this year's Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who last year asserted that contraceptives should be provided her by her Catholic university as a right. 

Davis, portrayed by the Post as a woman who lifted herself up from hardscrabble conditions to make something of herself, ceased most definitely being hardscrabble after receiving her law degree from Harvard.  The Texas state senator in "rouge-red running shoes" who went to bat for late-term abortion under the always convenient cover of "protecting women's health" is by virtue of school and degree an elite.  Her trailer park days are long, long gone.

The state senator, despite the gimmick of sporting red running shoes on the State Senate floor, is an elite representing the very elitist left.  She's about as average as Hillary Clinton.  Davis is a soldier -- now a lieutenant -- in the longstanding, broadening war being waged by the left against traditional morality, virtues, and values; extending abortion's mandate is one front in the war to "transform" (read: demolish) America. 

In filibustering a prohibition against abortions past 20 weeks (mind you, abortion in Texas was still legal under the proposed legislation before 20 weeks), Davis acted willfully to push the left's agenda - the agenda to raze America. 

Make no mistake: the left is bent on imposing itself and its beliefs on majorities in the nation that want nothing to do with the diminution and marginalization of time-honored and oak-solid moralities that have civilized humans, brought dignity and justice to humanity (particularly to the innocent and defenseless), and served as bedrock in safeguarding liberty. 

Liberty doesn't extend to killing the unborn, however the left chooses to prostitute the meaning of liberty.  The well-educated, sophisticated Davis and her leftist cohorts want to make regent and unassailable forevermore the idea that women have the "freedom" to make decisions of life or death for their unborn children.  Dare anyone - at the risk of vilification and worse - publicly declare that the right to life takes precedence. 

The Democratic Party might as well be called the Death Party.  ObamaCare includes death panels.  Inevitable budget limits will make death panels de facto, if not de jure; the old, after all, have had their stretch on earth; their productive days are behind them; precious health care dollars need to be allocated judiciously.  The unborn haven't any rights (they really haven't since Roe v. Wade); they're very existences hinge on their mothers' will and desire to birth them.  Why restrict abortion to just the earliest stages of development?  Why place any restrictions on a woman's right to choose?      

Slippery slopes.  Euthanasia is more openly championed among Europe's elites.  Since the American left loves to ape the latest social-cultural-moral-political fashions from withering Europe, it won't be long before the Death Party's vanguard pushes a right to be euthanized or the necessity to euthanize. 

Slippery slopes.  What does the future hold for the mentally defective?  The physically incapacitated?  (Speak to Sarah Murnaghan's parents about that topic.)  The chronically ill?  The child born with Down Syndrome or serious maladies?  At what future presidential nominating convention will the Death Party unveil a plank calling for productivity or usefulness standards against which citizens are measured?

Preposterous, you say?  Utterly fantastic?  Not in America - never?    

Look at abortion from the perceptive of Americans living at the time of Roe v. Wade (1973).  Most Americans then would have dismissed any argument as hyperbole that in the early years of the 21st Century an elite and their constituencies would fight to broaden abortion's mandate to children near birth.  Most Americans then would have scoffed if someone raised the concern that a national health care scheme would have limited resources that would bring forward advocates arguing for cutoffs of resources to the terminally ill and old.

Fantastic?  No more fantastic than abridgements of the 4th Amendment by the federal government's NSA in its spying on citizens (Orwell's 1984 was merely forestalled by a generation on these shores). 

Fantastic?  No more than the Obama Administration attempting to force Christian and Catholic health care institutions to provide contraception and abortion inducers through ObamaCare, thereby trampling their 1st Amendment rights.

What's fantastic is that most Americans, who hold fast to timeless morals and virtues, who know, explicitly or instinctively, what liberty is, have permitted the left to so degrade and undermine the nation's morality, culture, and institutions; to use government in many instances as the driving force to effect radical, harmful change.

Wendy Davis is no good ol' Texas gal soldiering in the Lone Star State's senate for all those trailer park lassies on the short end of life's stick.  She's a Harvard-educated elite determined to do her share to vanquish traditional America and impose the left's statist vision on the country.  Eliminating unborn babies is just a means to a very grim end.

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