The economy's picking up, but gay marriage is still worth opposing

As same-sex marriage burns like a wildfire across states and nations -- with New Zealand, Britain, France, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Delaware the latest to get burned -- there is a fount of so-called conventional wisdom forming, which deems it necessary and inevitable that conservatives should abandon their fight against same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting (two very different issues, by the way, that have gotten entangled).  My co-blogger "Papa Maman" and I have tried to document the ways the American academy and the American press have manufactured this conventional wisdom out of whole cloth, but we know that our voices are ultimately powerless against the firestorm. A broad perception has developed that conservatives are better-advised to focus on their strong suit: teasing the Democrats for their spending habits and budgetary cluelessness. Here's the problem: as the stock market is doing demonstrably well and economic signs are improving, it will be harder for...(Read Full Article)