Terrorism: Follow the Money

Terrorism requires money. Money does not grow on trees. Cut off the money, we cut terrorism off at the knees.

Where does terror money come from?

Three main sources.

Foreign Oil, International Drug Trafficking and money that disappears out of our own State and Federal budgets.

Every time we do this:

We participate in helping fund this.

Every time someone decides to get their freak on with this:

They're participating in funding this.

Sources of the oil and drug funding?




Creating leviathan amounts of untraceable -

Interest groups affecting the eradication of terrorism funding? There's only one special interest group. Only one.


Yes. Only one special interest supports terror funding. The liberal-progressive mind. Forcing you to support terror funding because they cannot stand to have you filling up the family sedan with American oil, even as they search for drugs. Screaming for eliminating American oil means we have the devil's own time exploring and using our own energy resources. While every drop of foreign oil we buy helps enrich the people who fund terror strikes against us and our national interests around the world. Foreign oil pays for bombs to blast women and children into small pieces. Here and abroad. We're funding it. Because the liberal progressive mind cannot abide America energy for American energy needs.

Then, drugs. The international drug trade is a darling of jihadists. Jihadists are expanding their terror funding network outward from their protected havens - Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran into central and South America. America is faced with the truth that the liberal progressive mind demands the legalization of drugs in order for legalization to render drug cartels useless. If legalized, then the profit margin would be negated, right?

Uh-huh. That's some fine strategic thinking there, Lou. Legalize the players who are currently on the field, and you legalize their business. And that business is addiction and terror funding. I gotta say it ... head slap. Musical chairs and can you imagine the players who would get chairs and a permanent seat at the funding jihad?

Drug money and oil money. One we can stop outright with the world's biggest energy reserves. The other will be harder because if there were no market, there would be no drugs. And that 'market' ain't a bunch of church-going, Constitution-believing, small government loving law abiding citizens. You know who it is.

America's most virulent, comprehensive and destructive enemy is inside our tent. The liberal. Loves drugs. Hates oil. Apparently dedicated to endangering the lives of fellow citizens, blissfully oblivious to the death toll around the world they participate in funding.

Which brings us to the third leg of terror funding. Your dollars our Federal government sends abroad as 'foreign aid' and which end up being siphoned off to fund terrorism.

And, now we know, with certainty, our very own State and Federal 'benefits programs'. There's more on this singular issue than we know yet, but deep down you already know.

And yet, you do not pay enough taxes. Remember that. You ... do not pay enough tax to the Federal Government of the United States.

Oh, and the same people handing out your money to fund the enemies of this nation hate you possessing firearms.

Follow the money. Always follow the money.

Michael Geer

Geer is an author and publisher. His work can be found here http://priceriverpublishing.weebly.com/index.html writing under the pen name of Jesse Hand Conroy He welcomes comments at geer.michael@gmail.com