Savages, Sexual Predators, and Their Defenders: How the Washington Establishment Really Views the Military

Note: The opinions stated are my own and in no way represent the policy or opinion of the United States Marine Corps or the Armed Forces of the United States. As our military moves into its second decade of fighting overseas, some in the media and on Capitol Hill have shamefully managed to both cover up an actual scandal over the death of four Americans in Benghazi and at the same time manufacture a scandal through their outrage over reports of sexual assault in the military.  With barely contained vitriol, editorials, news articles, and political speeches have recently described these reports as an "epidemic."  Top military leaders have been berated and slandered for "failing to understand the problem" and for creating a culture of rape by getting "their buddies" off the hook as a matter of policy.  American servicemen have even been outrageously and insultingly labeled more dangerous to their fellow women-in-arms than the enemy in combat.     Do...(Read Full Article)