Political Islam's Fight for Control and Failed U.S. Policy in the Middle East

The battle in Syria has evolved from political demonstrations by the Syrian people against their own government into civil war into what is now a clash between Sunnis and Shiites for control of the Syrian state.  Failed American policy in the Middle East has contributed to a vacuum which has been filled by political and militant Islam.  Current realities are that the battle over Syria is escalating, and spilling into neighboring countries, while the West continues to lack the willpower to exert its influence in the region.  Sitting back and doing nothing has actually helped Shiite Iranian aggression.  Whether an international peace conference, hosted by the U.S. and Russia, takes place or not remains to be seen.  The more active approach would be for America to stop the Shiites from gaining a stronger foothold in Syria and the region. Currently, Sunni and Shiite forces are battling it out in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon in what appears to be an escalation in...(Read Full Article)