Necessary, But Not Sufficient: Reports on Benghazi and the IRS

When a bureaucracy screws up, it's just as hard to find out what happened as it is to fix it. The Benghazi and IRS debacles are no exception. The U.S. Federal Government, with over 2 million employees, is probably the largest, most complex bureaucracy the world has ever known. At their best, bureaucracies can be efficient and effective. Left unchecked, however, bureaucracies grow to become bloated and dysfunctional. Let's begin with the fact that there are approximately 30,000 State Department employees worldwide and over 90,000 employees in the IRS. There are over 5 levels of organization in both the State Department and IRS organizations. Add to this the relationships with the White House staff, other departments, security organizations and cross-functional teams, and accountability is muddled. There were too many communication linkages. Time lags and distance prohibit real-time monitoring and oversight. If one were to diagram the communications matrix between and among the...(Read Full Article)