Obama's Black lie to Black Graduates

While delivering the commencement speech at historically black Morehouse College, President Obama predictably utilized "victimology 101" to access the inner victim that presumably exists inside all black Americans. He disingenuously reminded the all-male graduates, "As an African American, you have to work twice as hard as anyone else if you want to get by." Unsurprisingly, this underhanded insinuation that racism is so pervasive that no amount of individual effort will overcome it received a thunderous ovation, even though this recycled notion has the legitimacy of a three-dollar bill. Ironically, the president's lack of credentials suggests that even he didn't have to "work twice as hard" to obtain his current position. Unbelievably, in spite of Blacks having achieved unprecedented positions of power today, including a Black First Family, the gross delusion that Blacks must "work twice as hard" maintains equity within the Black community. Nevertheless, the unpopular and simple truth needs to be verbalized... Blacks are not expected to "work twice as hard." This open secret is known to independent thinkers, unbiased observers, non-liberals, truly qualified individuals, and those who've escaped the crab barrel. In fact, society has routinely lowered the bar and expectations for Blacks in attempt to close the widening achievement gap. There's a reason why Affirmative Action has become synonymous with Blacks even though it was designed for all minorities. Coincidentally, Morehouse is located in Atlanta, where the predominately Black school district's students didn't have to "work twice as hard" because the Black superintendent orchestrated the biggest cheating scandal in Georgia's history to help them.

Florida's board of education obviously disagrees with the fallacy of Blacks having to "work twice as hard," as evidenced by their lowering of academic standards for Black students. Additionally, Florida only expects seventy-four percent of their Black pupils to be proficient in Math and Reading (at grade level or better) by the year 2018. As far as Florida's expectations for its Asian/White/ Latino students, seventy-four percent is an unacceptable indication of underachievement; such status is reserved for Blacks. In Virginia, Black students seemingly don't have to "work twice as hard" either because the state implemented educational goals for Blacks that are near the level of students with disabilities. According to npr.org, "Here's what the Virginia state board of education actually did. It looked at students' test scores in reading and math and then proposed new passing rates. In math it set an acceptable passing rate at 82 percent for Asian students, 68 percent for whites, 52 percent for Latinos, 45 percent for blacks and 33 percent for kids with disabilities." The upside of Black students being placed at the bottom is that there's nowhere else to go but up... unless "up" requires them to "work twice as hard." One frustrating aspect of this 'cater to the lowest denominator' liberal ideology becomes apparent on graduation day. These schools don't issue the coddled, Black graduates diplomas that reflect their pre-approved statuses for, academic shortcuts. Nope, they receive the same diploma (that used to be based on merit and successful comprehension of the core curriculum) as their diverse counterparts who were held to a higher standard. In other words, the Black students unfairly receive equal reward without equal effort. Despite this favorable dynamic, Black parents still audaciously warn their children, "As an African American, you have to work twice as hard as anyone else if you want to get by."

The Manhattan Institute released a 2006 study that surveyed the 100 largest school districts in the United States. It found that only 48 percent of Black males earn a high school diploma, which was 11 percent less than Black females. It also noted that 1 in 4 Black males who drop out of high school end up incarcerated. Although Whites are 63.4% of the U.S population and Blacks are only 13%, the U.S. Department of Education noted that in 2007, not one state had a White high school student dropout rate higher than the Black dropout rate. Additionally that same year (2007), there were twenty-one states where the dropout rate for Black high school students was at least double that of White high school students. Remember, Blacks are only 13% of the population and these statistics confirm the academic apathy that is pervasive in the Black community. Although the academic atmospheres in many school districts have become severely relaxed to accommodate Blacks, school still isn't embraced. Alternatively, Blacks have statistically chosen to "work twice as hard" at being career-criminals or permanent passengers on the welfare train. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reveals, "Dropouts also make up disproportionately higher percentages of the nation's prison and death row inmates. Comparing those who drop out of high school with those who complete high school, the average high school dropout is associated with costs to the economy of approximately $240,000 over his or her lifetime in terms of lower tax contributions, higher reliance on Medicaid and Medicare, higher rates of criminal activity, and higher reliance on welfare."

I'm emphasizing to Blacks what's actually correct and not what's politically correct. Instead of reinforcing the falsehood that Blacks have to "work twice as hard" because of racism, they should "work twice as hard" to exorcise the victimization, criminality, and entitlement mentalities that are omnipresent in the Black community... and exploited by the Democrats.

Taleeb Starkes is the author of a controversial book that confronts the subculture within the African-American community titled, "The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NI**ERS."