If Government Were a Business, Obama Would Already Be Fired

Let's begin by stating the obvious.  If government were a business, and subject to economic realities and the consequences of its ignoring them, it would have been liquidated long ago -- its remaining assets of value would have been reclaimed by its creditors and shareholders (both of which are the American taxpayer), and its market share of consumers (also the American taxpayer, and those they are gracious enough to financially support) would be sought by other, more efficient businesses. But let's pretend for a moment that it is a business.  And let's pretend that this business had engaged not only in unethical practices, but illegal practices, completely betraying the trust of its shareholders and customers and and disavowing the very foundational principles upon which its business is predicated. The IRS, an agency under the control of this government that Obama assures youngsters is no threat to liberty whatsoever, has done exactly that.  They have apologized for...(Read Full Article)