How to Bring the Right (Yes, All of Them) Together

If there's one foundational lesson for conservatives of various stripes to glean from the recent revelations about the atrocities routinely committed by the IRS, it's that there are reasons the Founders considered property rights among the most sacred of all rights -- and rights that a limited government must protect.  Several groups focused on "values voters" and "moral issues" have learned recently just how difficult it is to accomplish anything for their values when the IRS is using the awesome weight of a massive federal government to confiscate resources, perform harassment audits, and withhold non-profit status.  Succinctly, if the IRS owns your property, the IRS owns you to a great extent, and you are of limited value to anyone or any cause you hold dear.  Property is what we exchange our time and your talent for -- in other words, what we have bartered for part of our life.  Thus, we should consider property rights as "the sanctity of life outside the...(Read Full Article)