Hezb'allah: A Chicken on the EU Terror List

The United States, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, and Bahrain designate Hezb'allah a terrorist organization; Britain and Australia outlaw only Hezb'allah's "terrorist wing" but permit its "political wing" to organize and raise money (only for political activity, of course).  A motion by Britain will put the British/Australian formula on the agenda of the European Union, perhaps as early as June.  In one sense, it is a step forward for the EU, which currently looks upon Hezb'allah's activities as unremarkable.  In another sense, however, it is absurd.  Chickens have wings; terrorist organizations have partners in crime. Outlaw governments provide money, arms, passports, space to train and hide, and political support to terrorist organizations.  Terrorists provide plausible deniability to governments for the bloody mayhem they produce.  It is the symbiosis that allows for large-scale terrorism.  Sometimes terrorists become governments -- the...(Read Full Article)