Debating the Heritage Foundation's Immigration Study

Two radically different theories are raging across the conservative movement about amnesty for illegal aliens and its effect on our economy.  How could the same movement grounded on the same conceptual principles come to two totally different conclusions? I was honored to interview Derrick Morgan, Vice President of the Heritage Foundation, on May 8 as a co-host of the Conservative Commandos radio show.  I asked Derrick Morgan these questions, and the Heritage vice president made the entire issue crystal-clear. So, would immigration reform under the "Gang of Eight's" proposal cause our economy to expand, increase wages for everyone, and more than pay for the added costs to the government?  Or would amnesty cost $6.3 trillion, drive down wages, throw citizens (and especially minorities) out of work, and wreck our economy?  Well, it depends.  Naturally... The Heritage Foundation is explicit, in detail, that their study is based upon the actual population...(Read Full Article)