David Sirota: Psychodynamics of the Racist Mind

On April 24, Bill O'Reilly plaintively asked: why does the left wing protect Islamic terrorism and blame America for everything? Mr. O'Reilly describes himself as a simple guy, so here is a compact answer to his complicated question: Progressives live physically in America for the comfort and security, but mentally, they live in Sodom. The xenophilia and anti-white racism that progressives continually spew result from the psychodynamics of defending the ego against the experience of shame caused by their dual citizenship.  Racism is a defensive maneuver of the subconscious mind that projects repressed fears about oneself onto a hated object.  Anti-white racism enables the left to use America and give nothing back, and to despise the "white American" who does the work and pays the bills. To answer Mr. O'Reilly's question in more depth, we will use the method of the great explorers of the unconscious mind -- the case study. On April 16, one day after the dreadful events...(Read Full Article)