Will the Left Radicalize the Military?

Listen up, Evangelical Christians, Mormons, Catholics, and Orthodox Jews. You read the news. An unnamed instructor with a U.S. Army Reserve unit put together a slide show in which he lumped you together with the KKK, Al Qaeda, and Hamas. Keep your heads up; that buzzing sound overhead might be a drone coming for you.

Down the road, the military's growing conformity to the American left's worldview and values may have dire ramifications for the military, national security, and the nation. The further "leftization" of the nation's armed forces will only exacerbate the deep divisions in American society, between left and right, citizens of faith and the godless, the politically correct, and those Americans who aren't willing to bend to the PC's shibboleths. Will the military eventually morph into an enemy of traditional America?

The Army instructor's exhortation (or should it be termed "indoctrination?") is being fobbed off as poor judgment on his part, and in no way reflects military policy. Big deal.

The instructor's slide show is telling because it reveals the left's continued infiltration of the military for the purpose of radicalizing it, just as the left has and is doing with public schools, higher education, the mainstream news media, the culture, and the arts. Some Pentagon pencil-neck with a star or two on his collars doesn't have to write a policy in step with President Obama's and the left's antipathy to Christianity and Judaism (given the president's demonstrated ill-will toward Israel) to advance a de facto hostility toward traditional Western faiths (we're including Judaism).

Ladies and gentlemen, the Army instructor didn't just follow a wild hare in classifying tens of millions of Christians and Jews as extremists. That thinking is seeping down the chain of command. It's a fair wager that the instructor presented the now controversial slide because he was confident that it fittingly represented the shifting worldview among the army brass.

As George Neumayr wrote at the American Spectator:

This now-persona non grata [instructor] apparently did his research too well and grasped the thrust of Obama's thought too clearly. Who knows, maybe he even cribbed it off the Department of Homeland Security's 2009 report on "right-wing extremism," which made dark mention of pro-lifers.

Moreover, Judeo-Christian "extremism" is being pushed among atheists (who generally sympathize with leftism). Check out the Atheist Revolution website for a flavor of the militancy toward Christian "extremism." Wanna bet there's an overlap between leftist and atheist thinking on Judeo-Christianity fostering extremism?

Over the years, the military has deep-fried just about everything to accommodate its political overlords on issues like gays, women in combat, the military as a Peace Corp program-adjunct, a jobs training program, war decorations for noncombat personnel, embracing political correctness on Islam, and getting with the program on Islamic terrorism against military personnel within its ranks. Major Nidal Malik Hasan was just having a bad day at the office when he slaughtered thirteen personnel and wounded another thirty at Fort Hood -- in the name of Allah, not because Hasan lost a gig at the Post Office or because he was being bullied at school.

On Hasan, glaringly, the Pentagon brass has knuckled under to a big lie -- and Obama administration-generated big lie; a politically correct and leftist big lie. Let's not hear the blather about the constitutional subordination of the military to civilian authority. We conservatives understand quite well the Constitution and the lawful role of the military (we haven't been the ones for decades making a gooey mess of the nation's founding document). There's also conscience and principle, which override lines of authority -- and careers. It's up to each and every officer and enlisted man and woman to follow the dictates of his or her conscience; to determine when principles have been breached.

One would believe that since many military personnel come from traditional America, they must at least wonder about the conflict between the values and virtues they hold versus the leftist values that are, increasingly, defining the military. For thinking soldiers and sailors, their patriotism (as their primary motive for service) must be tested daily. When does it cease to be patriotic to serve in the nation's armed forces and patriotic to resign? It's a tough question that every soldier and sailor needs to ask him or herself.

We're assuming here, of course, that most military personnel find what's happened and is happening to their branches as odious as us right-thinking civilians. We imagine that many soldiers are waiting out Mr. Obama's lame duck term in hopes that voters elect a president in step with traditional norms, a president who will return the military to something more in harmony with traditional American values. But that ignores the long trend in the military, which post-Vietnam has been toward suppressing, discarding, or redefining the role and culture of the armed services.

There are, of course, the political generals and officers (and some noncoms, one supposes), whose ambitions outstrip their good sense and moral bearings. What happens to the military matters less than what happens to their careers. These elites will jump through whatever hoops Mr. Obama and the left demand for the sake of advancing themselves. The cynics have always been among us in every walk of life.

Of course, there are those officers who are in wholehearted agreement with the military's leftist turn.

But here's the takeaway: If the left maintains the upper hand and continues to radicalize the military, we're likely to see more and more patriotic, traditional young Americans electing not to enter military service. What would that mean? It would mean that the military comes to resemble the Democratic Party, populated with grievance groups and takers, with an elite (the brass) that enforces a smothering PC conformity. No? Again, look at the schools from K through college; look at the culture, riddled with PC; look at federal bureaucracies, which are the stomping grounds of leftist enforcers (EPA and FDA, among many others).

Unless, that is, if Democrats come to back to the draft. Don't count that out. Swimming around in some leftists' brains must be the notion that the military would serve effectively as indoctrination camps for all those misguided traditional American youth. Call it Boot Camp to Break the Spirits of Callow Bible and Gun Clingers.

Army spokesman George Wright said that "[w]e consider the matter closed" with regard to the instructor's slide.

Not by a long shot, George. The more global "matter" will one day -- not far distant -- be the stuff of crisis. 

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