We Are Not Serious About Stopping Islamic Terror

As I read the media coverage and listen to our politicians and security forces' bland comments and self-congratulations, my anger is rising.  I do not hear any resolve. I do not hear any interest in making sure there are no more Islamic bombings of America. 

Our President praises the public for not being terrorized, then lectures us not to "rush to judgment" about the bombers' motivations and "certainly not about entire groups of people."  Translation: we're not going to talk about the jihadi war on us.  Hope for the best.  Do not pay attention to the problem of Islamic imperialism.

This is what I want to hear:

There is much that can be done to make sure there is never again an Islamic bombing on American soil and we will do it. We must confront the ideological reach of murderous Islamic imperialism into our immigrant communities.  We will review our immigration policies to make sure we are not issuing residency permits and citizenship to national security risks.  We must reform the laws governing FBI investigations of potential terrorist recruits, so Homeland Security and the FBI can effectively monitor individuals who visit jihadi websites and join local jihadi mosques.

The local Boston mosque parent of that attended by Dzhokhar is infamous due to a long running scandal when a Moslem Brotherhood group was given a sweetheart deal by Mayor Menino to build on land purchased with American taxpayers dollars -- yet no journalist has investigated Islamist influence on the Tsarnaev boys right here in jihad-friendly America.  The imam of the Boston mosque was invited and then disinvited by Governor Duval and not allowed to speak at last Thursday's interfaith service for the victims of the marathon bombing, so the government is well aware they have a problem there.    

Here are quotations from guest preachers invited to the Tsarnaev brothers' Islamic Society of Boston's Cambridge mosque over the years:

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi: This morning, the world heard news about the crash of the space shuttle. There is no doubt that Muslims were overjoyed because of the adversity that befell their greatest enemy...This way, God Willing, America will fall and disappear...

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi was invited in 2008, around the time the older brother was becoming more religious.  The Sheikh is a Holocaust denier who has "claimed that Jews want to destroy Muslims, and called all non-Muslims (Jews and Christians) a 'spiritually filthy substance' whose lives and property hold no value and are forfeit to Muslims during Jihad."

Recently, the bomber's mosque invited Victoria Britain, a journalist who incites rage by calling the war on terror a "war against Islam."

It is also possible Dzokhar was exposed to radicalism on the U Mass campus, which has a branch of the Muslim Students Association, also a front group of the Muslim brotherhood.  The MSA's mission is to do jihadi work in America. 

We're not going to hear about jihad in America from this President, from our bland Republican leadership, from the legacy media, or from the public.  It's too uncomfortable.  It means acknowledging that the jihadi imperialism is on the rise, that we are at war, whether we like it or not, and that we have to make changes at home.

I go to the hairdressers, and the liberals here in California are saying with masochistic satisfaction, "Well, now we know what Europe and the Iraqis have had to put up with," and "you can't stop this sort of thing." 

You can stop this sort of thing.  It's not even that hard.   

We could take the national security threats posed by our immigration system more seriously.  We could stop issuing visas to Moslem countries like Chechnya and Saudi Arabia unless they can demonstrate and swear they do not support jihad.  We could monitor their actions to make sure it is true.  We could have INS, the FBI, Homeland Security do their job.  We need to make sure temporary residents are not joining jihadi mosques and Muslim Brotherhood front groups here in America.  They are not citizens covered by our full constitutional protections.  They are potential national security risks.  If we take the threat seriously, intelligent policies, consistent with our constitutional government, would be devised and implemented.  We're not even trying.

Howie Carr, a Boston talk radio host puts it this way:

... American citizens were paying the price for the insane immigration policies that have so damaged this society in recent years...

How many of these jihadist "refugees" can we as a society survive?

Look at the chaos and the tragedy these Chechens have inflicted on the people of Boston this week. Who asked them to come here? What exactly do they contribute to the culture? They have had everything - absolutely everything - handed to them.

Obviously, no other country in the world wanted these sharia-crazed Stone Age Muslim terrorists.

The older terrorist, Tamerlan, was described as a "very religious" Muslim. I guess that's why he was arrested for domestic abuse in 2009, because he was so "very religious." And he told a photojournalist that, "I don't have a single American friend."

Then he should have gone back to Chechnya.

Refugee status is a privilege that should be offered to true refugees during their time of crisis. But only as long as they are no danger to us.  This need not mean automatic citizenship, especially when the so-called refugees safely travel back and forth from America to Russia and Chechnya repeatedly.  We're not serious. 

Immigration to America has to stop being treated like a charity that we dole out equally to all regions of the world.  It is only a generation ago that Senator Ted Kennedy decided to re-invent immigration and citizenship with the avowed purpose to make America less white and less Western, to prove we were not prejudiced.  We don't need to prove a thing.  Our immigration system was a miracle in the history of the world, creating a melting pot that was our pride and joy.   Until this liberal make-over of America, we allowed people into our country who both wanted to fit in and become American, were capable of it, who left their old countries behind, and who had something to offer.  We did not offer them welfare, we offered them opportunity. 

No more.  We are not serious about assimilation for immigrants.  These bomber brothers went to a public high school with students from 70 nations.  How is assimilation to America possible under those circumstances?  It isn't.  Our educational system isn't even trying.  The kids aren't taught American history, our Constitution, our pride, our responsibility to freedom.  They are not taught understanding and respect for their new American founding fathers, heroes to every immigrant because they created the land of justice and opportunity that is welcoming them to join us.  Instead, Dzokhar's high school English teacher assigned him a project to study Chechnya grievances.  Really.   The professor he contacted for information on atrocities there now wonders plaintively if that may have radicalized Dzhokhar.

If the FBI had taken the brothers' photos to all the Boston mosques, instead of broadcasting them to the public at large, it seems possible the brothers could have been identified and apprehended before their shooting, bombing breakout which killed or seriously wounded two more Americans.  Is our FBI allowed to investigate a mosque following a terror attack, or is that the kind of profiling generalization Obama is warning us against?

We could do better, a lot better, but we won't.  The public is too passive and uninformed to demand change, not for just three deaths.  There has been little outpouring of grief, rage and patriotism like after 9/11.  Obama is right.  We're not scared enough. 

Leadership really does count.  Our media and our political leaders actually attack and threaten people who demand action against the Islamic threat.  We'd have to suffer massive carnage before our public would demand action.  No wonder the resolve to fight terror after  9/11 quickly faded, when the Islamist enemy and the dangers of their imperialist ideology have never been articulated by our leaders to this day.  We are actually told not to get worked up by oddball attacks from the Religion of Peace.

We won't do better when the Democrat half of the country would rather score political points by accusing conservatives of Islamophobia.  We won't do better when both Republican and Demcrat administrations are filled with specialists and bureaucrats on the Middle East who are educated in Saudi-financed university Middle East departments, who look forward to jobs from the Saudis once they retire.  We won't do better as long as we allow the Saudis to penetrate our government with jihadi influence.

My heart cries for the families of the victims, those slain and those maimed by these Islamic monsters.  My righteous anger cries out that we must be serious and make sure no more Americans are killed by these primitives.  We must confront this violent religion that has not moderated its murderous imperialism in 1400 years.  We can stop them.  But only if we are willing to look into the face of our enemy.  So far, it looks like we are not going to do that.