The War on the Family Enters a New Stage

Welcome to a brave new "national conversation" that proposes not simply to redefine the family, but to eliminate it. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry recently shocked millions with her brazen TV promo spot urging us to get rid of the idea that kids belong to their parents or to "private" families.  She presses us to replace it with a "collective" notion of children: "Kids belong to whole communities." Clearly, we are entering a new phase in family breakdown.  In the earlier phases, leftist policies cultivated unrestrained sexual license, abortion and single parenting.  Those policies set the stage for new forms of child poverty as well as heightened social divisions along lines of race, class and sex.  Their proponents, however, refrained from openly attacking the family in mass media. But today Harris-Perry hits us right in the mainstream with what seem to be fighting words, an open declaration of war on families.   When we ponder how we got here, we...(Read Full Article)