The U.N.'s Latest Attempt to Shackle the USA

On June 14, 2012, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations held hearings with senior military leaders and former government officials regarding the United Nations (U.N.) Convention on the Law of the Sea (CLOS).  These hearings presented critical evidence and discussions that nations which have ratified/acceded to UNCLOS should incorporate into decisions regarding whether or not to remain in UNCLOS and, if so, how the Convention may be amended in the future.  For the United States, the hearings clearly illustrated why a number of conservatives are concerned about this treaty. During the hearings, Republican Senator James Risch from Idaho provided key points against UNCLOS.  Risch's first important point is that UNCLOS has -- to date -- failed to adequately resolve maritime disputes between China and its neighbors in the South China Sea, thereby illustrating that the Convention is not the successful means of...(Read Full Article)