The Problem with Minority Parties: A Treatise on Higher and Lower Factions

The future of the Republican Party -- this is what they say of you, dear Hispanics.  But a future for better or for worse has yet to be seen. My suspicion has nothing to do with Hispanics' capabilities, nor with their civility -- for I know that many work hard, and many more behave respectably.  But looking beyond these two qualities lies another issue far deeper than the ability to labor and abide by law, and that issue concerns the problem of lower faction. What we must consider is something along the teachings of Jonathan Edwards or Tocqueville: the realization that the good of the faction itself must be subordinate to something higher -- something tapping not simply into our sense of belonging to groups, but into our sense of what it is to be man.  In short, we must, as Tocqueville wrote, adopt a platform of higher faction (Toqueville's Great Parties), a faction for the promotion of true ideals, and not conform to lower factions (his Minor Parties), which exist...(Read Full Article)