Let's Try Walking in the Palestinians' Shoes

President Obama told Israelis to "[p]ut yourself in [the Palestinians'] shoes -- look at the world through their eyes." Jews invented empathy, 3,000 years before Freud.  Every Passover, Jews are commanded to experience the Exodus as if we lived it ourselves, to never forget what it feels like to be oppressed.  Israelis bend over backwards empathizing with Palestinians.  Could President Obama please ask the Palestinians to walk a mile in Israeli shoes? But let's listen to the president anyway; let's use our well-practiced powers of empathy to imagine walking in the Palestinians' shoes.  Listen to what they say, and notice how they behave.  We have a lot of direct communication about what Palestinians are feeling inside.  We can read Palestinian news, watch their TV programs, find out what they teach their children in school. MEMRI is the go-to site for translations of Arab media.  Here's the latest commentary from a Palestinian journalist in...(Read Full Article)